Monday 30 June 2014

Release Blitz - Trusted by Vicki Green

Title: Trusted
Series: Touched #3
Author: Vicki Green
Release Date: June 29, 2014

Pearl Dunaway is an aspiring painter and comes from wealth, but you’d never know it by looking at her. She lives in her yoga pants, tank tops, tennis shoes and loves to wear her long dark hair up in a high ponytail. Her career takes a drastic change when she becomes owner of a new bar. Her life is a happy one, full of love from her family and friends, yet she feels like something is missing. Something important. The love of a man. Then ‘He’ walks into her bar.

Harley Sanders comes from a rough life. His parents abandoned him at a young age and lived in several foster care homes that were unkind. Learning not to trust anyone, he’s always been a loner. When he was eighteen he started traveling to find a better life. Needing money he stopped off at a bar and a nice woman taught him how to bartend as well as other things. He traveled to many cities and he would bartend at various bars in each city to get the money needed to forge ahead to the next one. He needs nothing or no one until one day his travels land him in a Florida town and to a new bar. His heart beats for the first time when he meets the owner. but can he learn to trust her?

A beautiful woman and a man who won’t have anything to do with her. Will Pearl get through to this hot and sexy man? Can he ever trust her enough to let her in?

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


5+++ Stars
I am truly at a loss for words on how to truly express how much I LOVED this book! I love all of Vicki Green's work but Trusted was by far her Best Work yet! I must warn you that you will need Kleenex for this one.

We learn a bit about Pearl from the Forgiven, Bo & Stormy's story, and she's an unselfish, loving, caring free spirited person ready to help anyone. She decides to do something different, so she buys a bar. She's gutsy in my book.
Well, from the moment Pearl sets her eyes on Harley she feels this insta-attraction and can't get him out of her head. Even though he is her employee, that does not discourage her to get to know him better and truly see why Harley is so mysterious. As we see the interaction between Harley and Pearl you can feel the sexual tension and it has me talking to my Kindle "just give in for crying out loud"!! Despite Harley trying to keep to himself and not get attached to anyone wherever he goes, he cannot deny that he actually wants to set roots where he is at and wants a life with Pearl. As Harley actually opens up to Pearl, you get a glimpse of the sad, unjust and painful past and you understand why he is the way he is. He doesn't feel worthy to be loved but Pearl makes sure to show him that he is worthy and more, of love and happiness!! We get to see what the future brings them and how their love for each other helps them to endure trials and problems. 
All round a beautifully written book that once you start reading it you will not want to put it down. Thank you Vicki Green and I cannot wait for what else she has in store  for us!
~ Review by Kara
Vicki Green grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and currently resides in Olathe, Kansas. Along with her husband and two teenage boys, she shares her home with her cocker spaniel's Shadow and Mocha. She has been working full time at the same Company for 35 years. Her life has been filled with the most loving and caring parents, who are both gone now but are still in her heart and mind daily.
Vicki enjoys reading Romance books which is what inspired her to begin writing this book. She has always admired Author's dedication and hard work. She had a dream that played out for over a year, came home one day after work and decided to put it on a word document to see how it read and that became 'My Savior Forever', the beginning of her Forever Series.

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