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Review - What You Need by Lorelei James

Title: What You Need
Series: Need You #1
Author: Lorelei James
Release Date: January 5, 2016

New York Times bestseller Lorelei James introduces a new family for readers to fall in love with in the Need You series. The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis-St. Paul. But the four Lund siblings will each discover true love takes a course of its own…

As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility. But eighty hour work weeks leave him little time for a life outside his corner office. His brothers stage an intervention and drag him to a seedy night club...where he sees her, the buttoned up blonde from the secretarial pool who's starred in his fantasies for months.

Lennox Greene is a woman with a rebellious past—which she carefully conceals beneath her conservative clothes. She knows flirting with her sexy, but aloof boss during working hours is a bad idea. So when Brady shows up at her favorite dive bar, sans his usual snappy suit, and catches her cutting loose, she throws caution aside and dares him to do the same.

After sparks fly, Brady finds keeping his hands off Lennox during office hours is harder than expected. While she makes him feel alive for the first time in years, a part of him wonders if she’s just using him to get ahead. And Lennox must figure out if Brady wants her for the accomplished woman she is—or the bad girl she was. 

As CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is about as buttoned-down as a guy can be. He's an anal retentive workaholic with a reputation for being a shark. His social life is non-existent and he's never actually had a real girlfriend. These things, however, just scratch the surface of who Brady Lund really is—they aren’t entirely accurate, and they don't even begin to do him justice. When his family stages an intervention in an attempt to get Brady to loosen up and live a little, he makes a move to start living a little on the wild side. The first step? Pursuing the hot blonde he’s had his eye on for months.

Lennox Greene is trying desperately to shed her wild child past. After years as a party girl, she's finally got a respectable job in the float pool at Lund Industries, and while her life isn't very exciting, it's stable and that’s good enough for her—for now. Brady has had his eye on Lennox for months. He’s a bit shy and not at all the smooth playboy everyone expects him to be, but now that he’s decided to do something about it, things are going to get interesting.

Good grief, this book was fun. Light and sweet with a walloping punch of heat—I couldn't get enough of Lennox and Brady. I loved how Brady was so multi-layered; it was impossible not to love every facet of him. Lennox is likewise richly layered, carrying around some baggage from her past and trying to reconcile that with the person she wants to be. There were pieces of Lennox I completely identified with—which, of course, just made me love her all the more. Watching these two navigate their relationship while also trying to figure out who they are as individuals was sometimes frustrating, but also kind of adorable, humorous, and swoony. 

I'm not typically drawn to the millionaire stories, but this one appealed to me for a couple of reasons. It's set in Minneapolis, a city which—as a Minnesota native—I know and love. On top of that, it features a nerdy hero. I love nerdy heroes. No. I LOVE nerdy heroes. I was not disappointed—the nerdiness was just perfect for me and I was completely wrapped up in this story, laughing and swooning throughout the whole thing. 

This book felt like a treat for my heart and now I’m all in—and excited for more of this sexy new series! 
~ Review by Shelly

Lennox Greene is a responsible, conservative woman. Well, she projects that image to the world. Lying beneath her subtle business attire is a woman with a rebellious past—a past she usually keeps hidden—but every once in a while, Lennox likes to let loose at her favorite dive bar, and of course it’s the same night that one Brady Lund is dragged inside by his brothers staging an intervention.

Brady Lund is the responsible one. At twenty-eight, he’s the youngest CFO in Lund Industries history. He works hard to stay on top of all his projects—this hard work translates into eighty hour weeks and little to no life. At his cousin’s and brother’s behest, Brady is dragged into Maxie’s where he spots the normally quiet and demure Lennox cutting loose and Brady wants to explore the wild side with her.

While there’s not a “non-fraternization” rule in place, Brady’s worried Lennox is using him to get ahead. And Lennox is worried Brady only wants one-side of her. They’re both trying to move into a new relationship—a relationship like neither has ever had before, but will their insecurities get in the way?

This was a solid start to Lorelei James’ new series featuring the Lund siblings. I really enjoyed getting to know each of them, but I was missing some of the heat that Ms. James usually packs into her books. This one was sweeter than normal—still very enjoyable however, and I do look forward to Walker’s story. 
~Review by Missy

Lorelei James is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family.

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