Friday 18 December 2015

Review - Royal Savage by Victoria Ashley

Title: Royal Savage
Author: Victoria Ashley
Release Date: December 18, 2015

I CAN’T CLOSE MY EYES… I refuse to. Every time I do, all I see is blood, death, and pain. I can feel it - almost taste it, bringing me back to that night. 
It doesn't matter that I'm still breathing; I no longer need it, I no longer want it. I despise it along with everything else around me.
The only thing I long for is to fucking fade away. I've given up. Until her at least… 
She comes into my world, knocking me on my ass. 
It turns me on to have her around me. Makes me want to wrap my hand around her tight little throat and fuck her until she feels my pain, feels the monster in me, but also makes me want to protect her from the very thing that she should be afraid of... me. 
Once she sees the damage that I’m capable of; she’ll look at me like everyone else around me does: with fear. 

HIS EYES... THE DARKNESS IN them draws me to him, making me want to taste him, feel him… and save him. I shouldn't have gotten on the back of his motorcycle that day. I know that now. Colton warned me. I was told it was dangerous. I was told that nothing would be the same. He was right. 
ROYAL is dangerous, dark, and seductive; the very thing that keeps me hanging on, willing to give my last breath just to touch him… breathe him in. 
He’s savage, inked, and highly captivating. So different from his brother… 
He's hazardous to my health, mind, and body, yet the only thing that I crave. I want to free him. I want to change his mind, but I'm afraid that he’s already too faded… 

If you are looking for a book that will hold your attention and your heart from page one, then this is the book you need to read. 

Royal Savage is a biker, businessman, and overall sex-pot with a beard. He is more than he appears to be on looks alone, though. While dealing with his own demons, he strikes up an unusual friendship with Avalon. What he never expected was, she may be the missing key to help him let go of the guilt.

Avalon, I am not even sure how to describe her, other than I want to be her when I grow up. She is headstrong, smart, sassy, and takes shit from no one. Once she finally dumps the loser boyfriend, she decides her sites are better aimed on Royal anyway. 

I honesty have to say I was not expecting this type of love to flow from the pages. I am not sure exactly what I thought I would find, but I was very happily surprised to find out this beat every expectation I had and then some. Victoria Ashley has a way of drawing the reader into the story and spitting us back out at the end a completely different version of ourselves, and Royal Savage was no exception. 

I can’t wait to read more in this series and find out more about the other boys! 
~ Review by Devlynn

Holy shit! This book blew me away! It was dark and twisted, yet sassy and sexy. 

We meet Avalon, a feisty hairstylist, who is currently dating a prick named Colton. Until one night at a party she walks in on an intense man. 

“I swear my heart stops. It’s as if I’ve just walked into tattooed, bearded, man-bun heaven, and I’m hoping there isn’t an exit.” 

Meeting this dark, silent man changes Avalon.

Royal has lived a fucked-up life. He has anger issues due to his past and doesn’t really feel anymore. He just survives with help of alcohol. But seeing Avalon one night, for only a brief moment, changes it all. 

“The last thing I expected was for her to be my brother’s fucking girl. Does it make me want to fuck her any less, no, but it gives me reason not to follow through on my desire to sink between her thighs.”

However, the two can’t seem to stay away from one another and once they finally give in, it is HOT! 

“I need you to feel me,” he says tensely. “Every part of me, and none of me is good.” 

Avalon is everything Royal needs to feel again; to become the man he once was.

This story had a major OMG moment that I couldn’t believe, but that I LOVED! I really loved this whole story. The entire cast of characters was great! I loved Madison, Avalon’s best friend, as well as Jax and Blaine, Royal’s right hand men. The ending was absolute perfection! This is another amazing read for Ms. Ashley and I can’t wait for more from her! 
~ Review by Tiffany

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion. 

She lives for a good romance book with bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she's not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorite shows.

She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret, Slade, Hemy, Cale, Get Off On The Pain, Something For The Pain and Thrust.

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