Wednesday 24 February 2016

Review - Necessary Risk by Tara Wyatt

Title: Necessary Risk 
Series: Bodyguard #1
Author: Tara Wyatt
Release Date: February 23, 2016

Trained to protect against all danger, a professional bodyguard can provide all the muscle a woman needs. But when their hearts are on the line, love is the riskiest business…


Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback-and attracting a scary amount of attention. When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened, she knows it's time to bring in the professionals. But from the moment she sets eyes on her indecently sexy new bodyguard, Sierra's thoughts are anything but professional… 

Few things in this world scare Sean Owens-until he realizes he's in serious danger of losing his heart to his new client. No matter how much he wants to, Sean won't let his feelings for the smart and gorgeous Sierra get in the way of doing his job. Because as the attacks against her escalate, crossing the line between business and pleasure could get them both killed.

Sierra Blake, former child star, is used to being in the spot light and attracting not-necessarily-wanted attention. But lately, that attention is getting a bit scary—now she’s feeling like her safety is at risk and it’s time to hire some protection. Some pretty damn hot and sexy protection…

Sean Owens has been providing personal security for his company’s clients for over ten years—and never has he ever been at risk of losing his heart to a client. Until he met Sierra. There’s a spark between them that can’t be denied. But Sean cannot risk Sierra’s safety by becoming too attached—because if he’s distracted by his attraction, things just might turn deadly.

What a hot and sexy read! I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon I spent with Sierra and Sean. Was it predictable? Yes. Were their in-between-the-sheets times smokin’ hot? Most definitely. I loved their characters—Sierra was so strong in her convictions. Sean really wants to do right by his client, his business and his heart, and doing what’s right was not an easy feat. I loved Sean’s interaction with the rest of his team too—loved their “brotherly” banter.

All in all, this was a great debut novel by Tara Wyatt and I’m already looking forward to Colt’s book! 
~ Review by Missy

Good debut…

Sierra Blake is a former child star but she survived, healthy and, for the most part, happy. She keeps links with her past life and, when back in the spotlight, not all the attention is welcome. After an unexpected meeting, she looks to Sean Owens, a security firm owner and bodyguard, to keep her safe. They are attracted to each other, both single and spending a lot more time together. Sounds like the perfect relationship—except for the danger surrounding them, of course… 

Well, not so perfect, really. Sean is determined to keep things professional even though Sierra is obviously open to more. Their working relationship, plus the increasing danger, keep their feelings simmering along as they deal with each escalating threat.

The story offers some fun dialogue between the two main characters and some suspenseful moments even while I found things to lag a bit here and there. Feelings and plot circled around a few times that seemed to go over familiar territory. I liked Sierra, who was taking charge of her life and determined to make good. She is strong and independent so I struggled with how quickly she looked to Sean to validate her choices. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why he makes a great confidant, with his protective ways and compassionate manner. Perhaps it was a case of too much, too soon for me.

Overall, a solid read and I’m looking forward to where the author takes the series. 
~ Review by Diane

Tara Wyatt has been making up love stories ever since she fell head over heels for the Backstreet Boys almost twenty years ago. Winner of the Unpublished Winter Rose Award, Linda Howard Award of Excellence and the Heart of the West Award, Tara lives in Hamilton, Ontario with the cutest dog in the world and a husband that makes all of her heroes look like chumps.

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