Thursday 21 April 2016

Release Blitz - SEEK by Brooke Page

Title: SEEK
Series: The Black Letters Series Part Two
Author: Brooke Page
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: April 14, 2016


We were colliding at full force. Blending our deepest and darkest fears into something beautiful.

But now she’s gone.


And I’m left surrounded by the letters that haunted her. Letters that now haunt me.

Panic consumes me.

I will find her. Then demolish him.

Before it’s too late.

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She was light in my arms, her head lolled over my bicep as I carried her with quick strides to the elevator. The metal rod I’d hit her with caused a knot to rise on the side of her head instantly. I crinkled my brows as I stared down at her beautiful face and the wave of her soft caramel hair, trying to reign in my anger.

The way she looked at him, cried for him, let his blood cover her…

It was too much.

She loved that man, but I was the only one allowed to have her heart.

Shoving the knife in his side, twisting it deeper while watching his eyes widen with fear was exhilarating, the best revenge I could get. The last kick to his temple to shut him up after I hit Jamie over the head had sealed the deal. He might have made it if he could have kept his mouth shut, but I doubted it. Watching the blood drain from his lifeless body after pounding him with my fist in the face felt too amazing.

That face kissed my woman. Probably in too many places. He had to die.

Count to ten.

Blowing air out, I’m brought back to the now, running through all the small details in my head. Jamie’s knocked out cold, but I couldn’t rely on that. She needed to be unconscious until we got home.

To our home.

I smiled as I gazed at her features, guilt filling me for not going with the original plan. The syringe was in my pocket, but as usual, my emotions had gotten the best of me.

Nathan Conklin.

He was always too close to her. Opening her door, setting his hand on the small of her back, staying at her place. I almost pulled out my 22 Glock from my holster hidden under my hoodie and shot the pretty boy right then and there.

When I first caught sight of her spending time with him, I thought they were merely work associates, but soon his car had been parked at the ramp of her condo to often.

Then one night the two of them were coming home from a night out, wrapped in each others arms. The dreamy look in her eyes as she pouted her lips, begging for him to kiss her, the red point of her heel rising as his arm snaked behind her back.

Red. I fucking hate that color.

My mother always wore red, and the deep hue made me grind my teeth.

Jamie knew I hated that color, but she never followed my rules.

Just like my mother.

And grandmother.

And grandfather.

But they weren’t an issue anymore.

Now I had Jamie. She was going to be mine for as long as we both lived, a promise I was planning to keep.

The rain poured down as I shoved the back fire exit door open with my shoulder, quickly finding my car. Using the window to help prop Jamie up, I opened the rear driver side door, then slid her inside as carefully as I could.

“We’re going to be so happy,” I whispered, running my hand through her hair and gently brushing the large egg on her head as I stroked her tender locks.

Slamming the door shut and clicking the lock button, I took one final glance around the back alley behind the Plaza Towers. No way my plan could be compromised, not at this point. I had too many situations, too many theories and reasons for my life to finally fall into place.

For our life to fall into place.

Water dripped from my hood as I moved to the outskirts of the alley, stepping one heavy boot one after the other. There was a piece of my plan, standing underneath an awning and rubbing her shoulders for warmth. A frown crossed my face as I walked faster to approach her.

“Why isn’t your hair down?” I hissed.

Her eye-roll peeved me, but I let it slide. I didn’t have much time. Pulling a car key from my pocket, I asked, “Did you get everything I sent?”

She nodded as she let the caramel tendrils of hair out of her ponytail. Worry filled her scowl. “When will I see you again?”

“I’m not sure. Did you understand the instructions?”

Her scowl deepened. “I’m not incompetent.”

She had that attitude that made me wild, just like my love in the back seat of my car. “I know. Now go.”

“But when will I see--”

“Shh. A man will meet you at the border. I’ll contact you as soon as I can.” She reached for me, but I grabbed her wrists before she could wrap them around my waist. “Go. There isn’t much time.” Her lip quivered slightly from the unknown, but softened once I stroked her cheek.

Her eyes longed for me as they gazed at my lips, but I took a step back, giving us some distance. Kissing her goodbye wasn’t part of the plan. She’d already touched me too many times. This body was Jamie’s now, not hers.

“Now go,” I commanded while stepping away. Her head dipped low as she crossed the street in the pouring rain to Jamie’s car, pointing the keys to unlock it. Once she was safely in the car and off in the right direction, I ran back down the alley to Jamie.

The car door creaked as I slid inside, followed by a loud boom of thunder. I checked my rearview mirror to see Jamie was still out. I’d have to sedate her when we got home. She didn’t need to be in pain from my fucked up judgment with the metal rod any longer than she had to be. Besides, I’d need a few more hours for everything to fall into place.

The tires squealed as I spun out of sight, leaving no traces of our whereabouts. I was an invisible man, and now Jamie was going to be my invisible woman.

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Author Bio

Brooke Page is a contemporary romance author who loves writing romantic suspense novels that will lead her readers through twists and turns with each page. She wants her readers to feel like they are a part of the thrill, making their hearts race from not only passion but also the intensity of the story. Brooke has a craft for weaving steam and mystery, giving her readers a story they won't forget.

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