Tuesday 1 April 2014

Review - Five Miles by Lili St. Germain

Title: Five Miles
Series: Gypsy Brothers #3
Author: Lili St. Germain
Release Date: March 31, 2014
My father taught me the importance of an eye for an eye—a cardinal rule, ingrained in every club member.

A life for a life.

Seven lives in payment for an unimaginable list of sins.

People might wonder why I’m doing this. If this vengeance is borne from some noble cause. If I’m trying to prevent others from suffering at the hands of Dornan Ross and his sons.

But I’m no selfless vigilante.

I’m doing this for me. I’m doing it because I want to.

I’m doing this because I just want to be able to sleep at night without seeing their faces.

This is the fate they have earned. The penance for their crimes.

Time to send some of these brothers off with a bang.


#1 Seven Sons (FREE)

#2 Six Brothers (99c)


5 Strychnine Laced Stars
HOLY SHIT! This book blew me away! It's no secret I am a huge fan of this serial. This book just made me a bigger fan, in fact after I finish writing this review I'm off to stalk Lili Saint Germain on facebook!

Sammi is still seeking her vengeance against the Ross family. We pick up right where Six Brothers left off. Dornan is beginning to question just what the hell Sammi is doing in his clubhouse. Jase is even more suspicious of the bombshell. All the while Sammi is meeting up with Elliot to try to figure out what her next move is.

Although short, this book is jam packed with explosive action and plot twists. I cannot believe I have to wait until May to read the next installment! In order to enjoy this story to it's full potential the other 2 books are MUST READS. Ugh, Lili, you have my biggest cliffhanger award of 2014 so far!

~ Review by Erin

Lili writes dark romance. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, chocolate, wine, and hanging at the beach. She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

Lili also writes paranormal fantasy.

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