Wednesday 23 April 2014

Uncovering Cover Models - Interview With Rade Lazic

Interview With Rade Lazic

Rade Collage
Some of you may recognize this sexy man as Rome Archer, sexy, stubborn, broken soldier from Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series. And/or as cocky, dirty mouthed, artist with paint and cons Spencer Shrike from JA Huss book Guns (spinoff of the Rook + Ronin series). But who is Rade Lazic?
He is a Serbian native and now lives in Vienna, Austria. Some things we can already conclude before talking to Rade; he is Magic Mike Sexy, (I'm pretty sure he should get a call to appear in the second movie) his eyes are hypnotizing, he has some of the most lickable abs and a couple of perfectly placed tattoos you’d want to lick as well!
So let’s find out just how did Rade break into modeling, his take on romance and just how naughty his mind is hmmm....


1. How did you get your start into modeling?

Rade: It was by accident. One fashion stylist from Serbia had noticed me. I had done one editorial for him and business offers started to come along after that.

2. Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Rade: “Stay as you are no matter what happens!”

3. Most memorable modeling experience/highlight to date?

Rade: My recent show for Bata Spasojevic on Belgrade fashion week

4. Where do you see yourself in modelling in 5 years?

Rade: I am already satisfied with the things that I have accomplished in modeling, I would like to keep it like that.

5. Would you ever pose nude for a magazine?

Rade: Depends….on the magazine, who is the photographer etc. There is also that financial matter as well

***Anyone else thinking what I am thinking? Okay Michael Stokes here is your opportunity, contact Rade Lazic pretty please :D


6. Have you read either book you are on the cover for (Rome by Jay Crownover or Guns by JA Huss) or at the least the blurb? If so, based on the synopsis which character out of Rome or Spencer would you say you most relate to?
Rade: Considering the fact I’m living in Austria, I’m still waiting for my copy…but I think that Rome would be my answer. I know both book’s stories in short.

7. For the book Guns, the story of Spencer Shrike who builds motorcycles, have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Rade: I have a plan to buy a motorcycle

**Yes I am picturing him in full leather getup with open jacket, shirtless (licking lips, we need a picture of this in real life!)

8. Since you have done a couple of book covers, would you say you like to read? What is your favorite book (or genre of reading material)?

Rade: Of course I like to read. Psycho-thrillers are my favorite genre


9. Favorite body part on a woman?

Rade: Eyes

10. Biggest turn on and turn off on a woman?

Rade: Turn On = Long Hair

  Turn Off = Lack of Hygiene

11. Ideal date setting?

Rade: Dinner on the beach at sunset

12. Have you ever used a pick up line on a woman? If yes, what was the line and how did it work for you?

Rade: No

***Just what I figured. With his looks why would he need to use a pick up line. I mean it’s not like us women would comprehend what he is saying because we would be too busy drooling and in awe that this gorgeous man is speaking to us :D “uhh Hi my name is…..” that is about as far as I’d like to think I’d get but in reality I’d probably just get out “uhh” lol

13. Most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Rade: Once when I was on my way back home from the club, I realized I was wearing some woman’s jacket

14. Would you describe Love as - Chemical, Intellectual, Spiritual, or Completely Undefinable ?

Rade: Intellect and Chemical based

15. Hair and or eye color preference for a woman?

Rade: Green eyes stand out to me but hair color is not so important

***This is the part where I call the eye doctor in hopes of ordering colored contacts!


16. What is your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?
Rade: I love women

***Mouth open, oh la la what a coincidence us book junkies love book boyfriends and hot men am I right ladies?

17. Boxers or briefs?

            Rade: Briefs
18. Lace or silk?

Rade: Lace

19. Chocolate or Candy?

Rade: Chocolate

20. In the bedroom do you prefer a woman quiet and reserved, open-minded and obedient, or sassy and rambunctious?

Rade: His response was just open-minded…..
***but is it safe to say he also meant obedient? I am going to say yes so my fantasizes are complete hehe

21. What makes a woman sexy in your eyes?

Rade: Intellect and good looks

22. What song would you say would be your personal anthem or theme song?

 Rade: David Guetta’s song Titanium

23. Any fetishes?

Rade: High heels on a woman

***Umm wow yeah I had to fan myself. Hot damn this man is a mix between Rome and Spencer. Brava Jay Crownover and JA Huss for using this man to represent your characters on such drool provoking covers!!

24. Have you ever or would you ever use sex toys?

Rade: No, imagination is my biggest toy

***Speechless, tongue hanging out of mouth, legs crossed, my mind is racing trying to picture what this man’s imagination would consist of. Is there a sign-up sheet to find out?

There is so much more to this man besides his good looks, charming personality and sexy mind. He is also an amazing father. I’m talking he and Chris Hemsworth are by far the Top 2 FILFs. Go check him out on Instagram @modelradelazic
Be on the lookout as more covers will definitely be in the future for Rade Lazic as will more success in the fashion world!

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