Tuesday 1 April 2014

Interview - Miles Logan Fitness Model/Athlete

Miles Logan Fitness Model/Athlete
I don’t about you ladies but when reading and after finishing a book I may scope out guys on pinterest or tumblr or facebook, heck who am I kidding, I look on all of them to find the guy I imagine in my head as the hero of the story.
By now we have all found some favorite Fitness Models out there that make us drool and/or just make us smile when we see their daily posts. But don’t you enjoy being introduced and or discovering new models? Well do we have a treat for you :D
There is a new guy on the scene and his name is Miles Logan! Ladies, not only is this man eye candy, he is a down right adorable, respectful and genuinely all-out nice guy.
We all like to look at book teasers right? Yet nowadays we have to be careful not to step on anyone toes when using their pictures, so that is how I stumbled upon this hottie. Biting my nails I reached out to ask permission to use his picture for a book teaser. My biggest fear with models, okay well hot guys in general, is being let down when they are consumed by “Machoism” aka “I'm too sexy for my pants syndrome”. So needless to say I was in awe and melted by Mile’s kindness and willingness to allow the use of his pictures.

What I found was that Miles Logan is damn straight too sexy for his pants. He is also so humble and focused on sharing his fitness knowledge with others that he doesn’t exhibit an ounce of cockiness, rather he is appreciative for any and every opportunity thrown his way!

So ladies don’t miss out and go show this man some love on his fan page Miles Logan Fitness Model/Athlete
And let’s have some fun with him shall we? He agreed to be featured on our page so we asked him some personal yet flirty questions (GMB knows what questions are the most important to you ladies ;)). We want you all to tell us what kind of book boyfriend you think he’d make? He’d make a helluva book cover don’t you think :D Okay interview time:

GMB: Hi Miles, thanks again for being on board for the interview!
Miles: No I should be thanking y’all! I’ve gotten a lot of attention since we came in contact and I’m still new to the scene. I’m game. This sounds like a lot of fun!

GMB: Okay, the big question us ladies here at Give Me Books are wondering is how old are you?
Miles: I am 26. Lol

GMB: Is it a shocker if I say you look younger than that lol
Miles: Lol I get that a lot. Especially if I shave ha!

GMB: So what inspired you to be so passionate about your fitness? And how did you get into modelling?
Miles: It's funny but I swear this is true story. When I was 20 years old a girl I really liked broke up with me. So I said I'll show her, I'm gonna look good. And 6 years later here I am. Lol
[Takes moment to awe and gush……anyone else want to give this guy a hug? Should we get out our stationery and send this chick a thank you card?]
GMB: Aww that is one way to motivate yourself! You realize that story right there will have so many girls gushing for you lol. I'm sure you are thankful for the lifestyle it encouraged you to adopt but I'm also sure you learned you don't have to change yourself for people to like you ;)
Okay no more Dr.Phil sorry lol
What is your ultimate goal for your fitness/modeling career? If you could snatch any endorsement deal what would you choose?
Miles: Oh yes I agree. But it got me started so I'm actually very thankful for her. Haha but my ultimate goal would to be doin it on a professional level. Not for tha attention but because I would have a career instead of a hobby. Then I would be doin what I love every day and be able to motivate people on a much higher level.
GMB: You definitely have the drive to get there! That is really awesome how passionate you are about motivating people. Now for some quick fun questions to give our followers some insight to the likes of Miles Logan ready?
Miles: Go ahead!

GMB: Candy or Chocolate?
Miles: Candy

GMB: City or Country?
Miles: Country

GMB: Beach or Ski Lodge?
Miles: Beach for sure. Lol

GMB: Sassy chick or quiet & reserved?
Miles: Quiet and reserved. Haha
[Slumped shoulders, that knocked me out of contention ladies but for a cute guy like Miles wouldn’t you ladies try to be quiet, idk about the reserved lol]
GMB: Lace or Silk? Bike or Truck? And Coffee or tea?
Miles: Lace, Truck for sure. And def some sweet tea! Haha
GMB: Okay home stretch!
Miles: haha shoot for it J
GMB: First feature that catches your attention on a girl? Ideal date setting?
Miles: Lips. I'm crazy about some attractive lips. Haha ideal date for me is dinner then something like putt putt golf or go carts. Something to cut out any awkwardness that might be in the air. Ya know just cut loose.
[What a coincidence I have lips *wiggles eyebrows + wicked grins*]
GMB: Suit & tie or Slacks & jeans?
Miles: Lol and def jeans I've never worn a suit a day in my life and don't plan on it. Haha
GMB: Top 2 deal breakers?
Miles: Probably tha two biggest things would be........ A poor work ethic in anything. Her job or just everyday things that u have to do. And..... Not wanting kids. I want kids one day.
GMB: Respectable answers!
Promise I'm done after this. Single? Do you have a specific type of gal you go for hair/eye color?
And that's it! Whew you're a champ thanks for all your time and cooperation :)
[Holds breath……single single single]
Miles: I have a wonderful gf that I have been with several months now. She is actually ten years older than me and we both get along great and r both very much into gym. Lol I'm not bias towards any hair color and appreciate all varieties.
GMB: Aww adorable. Thanks so much Miles for joining us!
Miles: No thank y’all I had fun! Thanks so much.
So following that interview I am more convinced Alabama puts something special in their water that produces hot, driven, gentleman like Miles. Bus trip anyone? Jk there are nice good looking guys all over and we have just started to discover them thank goodness for facebook lol
So ladies based on Miles qualities what book boyfriend does he most resemble to you? And please don’t forget to go stop by Miles page give him a shout out for the awesome interview he did for us.

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