Monday 19 October 2015

Review - Red Zone by Mari Carr

Title: Red Zone
Series: Boys of Fall
Author: Mari Carr
Release Date: October 1, 2015

Unlike so many of his teammates, Joel never left small-town Quinn after high school. Coach Carr offered him a full-time job on his ranch, and Joel was more than happy to stay near family. In his downtime, Joel good-naturedly competes with his best bud Oakley for the sexy local bartender's attention, but Sadie repeatedly turns down their frequent requests for dates. She doesn't want to come between the two friends...until a little too much champagne at a wedding reception leads to a sizzling encounter. In that moment, Joel and Oakley know they'll never make Sadie choose -- she can have them both.

A no-strings affair between the trio turns complicated when it becomes clear there's nothing casual about their feelings. Add in a sensual, accidental touch between Joel and Oakley, and those feelings become intense times a thousand. It's an emotional game of chance, one they may ultimately lose...but if they can reach the Red Zone, Joel, Oakley and Sadie have a chance at the biggest score of their lives.

I AM IN THE ZONE, people. The swoony-book-and-panty-melting zone, that is. Because, whoa, this one is a sweet scorcher, and I loved it. All of it. (TMI—so did my husband!)

For years, Sadie has been turning down Joel and Oakley when they’ve each asked her for a date. The best friends are both interested—and interesting—but Sadie doesn’t do long term. And she’s not about to get between two friends…

Or is she? One night of drunken wedding shenanigans changes the landscape of her relationship with both men, and now neither Joel nor Oak are expecting her to choose. They want her, together. 

It’s supposed to be a no-strings attached, temporary relationship, until feelings start to become too intense. Now they have to decide if they’re running for the end-zone or leaving the field all together. 

*Ahem* Read this book. READ IT. If only for a kinky, sexy good time, hit that one-click button and make it yours. But if you do, be warned—you’re not just getting an OMFG-I-need-a-cold-shower-and-some-batteries book when you read Red Zone, you’re also getting a sweet but intense story about love and acceptance. 

This (I wanna say couple out of habit…throuple, maybe?) grouping is amazing together. Their chemistry is, clearly, off the charts, but I loved the way they tried to make sense of what was happening between them, and then accept it. Especially Oakley and Joel. As they tried to sort out their feelings, their boundaries, their future, I was here, on the edge of my seat, waiting to talk some sense into them—all of them. Sadie, get it together. Joel, wise up. Oak, ahhhh, never mind Oak. Keep being my favorite (just don’t tell the others, okay?)

This is the first book I’ve read by Mari Carr, and is unequivocally NOT my last. I loved the way she helped to shape this small town—gah, I NEED the other books in this series which features standalone installments by two other authors—and made even the potentially unlikeable characters redeemable. I loved the way she wrote dirty, kinky, erotic scenes but didn’t skimp on the overall story. I loved the way she made Sadie a strong but flawed woman, and Joel and Oak tough alpha men with soft, golden hearts. Basically, I loved it all. And so did my husband… *wink* 
~ Review by Beth

Whoa, I need to put my house on the market and move to Quinn, Texas, to find a couple of hot and sexy cowboys like Joel and Oakley.

Joel and Oakley are best friends who work and live together on the ranch owned by Coach Carr, the town’s beloved high school football coach. Neither Joel nor Oakley have any desire to leave their small town for greener pastures. They're perfectly happy spending their downtime near their family and friends, vying for the attention of one gorgeous barkeep—Sadie.

Sadie has been eschewing Joel and Oakley’s advances for years. She doesn't want to come between best friends by choosing one or the other. More than that, she doesn't want a relationship. But what if she doesn't have to choose? One wild champagne field night fuels the fire of their desires and starts a no-strings affair between the three of them. But what happens when the casual threatens to become serious—will they allow their feelings to become more or are they playing a losing game?

Holy hotness factor! This book held me captive from start to finish. The friendship between Oakley and Joel—and their final acknowledgement that there's actually something more between them—was awesome to witness developing. Add in their desire for Sadie, and hers for them, and the sexy factor of this book turned from boiling hot to lava in a matter of pages. 

I love a good ménage story and this one was excellent! I'm now going back to read the other inter-related books in this series, as I can't get enough of these characters from Quinn, Texas…my soon to be hometown. 
~ Review by Missy

Writing a book was number one on Mari Carr’s bucket list. A New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller, Mari’s computer is now jammed full of stories — novels, novellas, short stories and dead-ends.

Mari writes contemporary erotic romance novels. To learn more about her spicy stories, join her newsletter so you don’t miss new releases and for exclusive subscriber-only content.

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