Thursday 8 October 2015

Review - One More Kiss by Kim Amos

Title: One More Kiss
Series: White Pine #2.5
Author: Kim Amos
Release Date: October 6, 2015


Betty Lindholm doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. The banner advertising the new shipment of satin at her fabric store finally arrived and now the entire town of White Pine is up in arms. How was she supposed to know there'd be a typo? Now the entire town thinks she's proclaiming "Satan is here!" Even the gorgeous pastor with his steel-grey eyes and sexy smile.


Pastor Randall Sondheim is always on the lookout for excuses to drop by Betty's shop and gaze into her lovely blue eyes. The latest is her crazy sign—could that be a sign of something more? Sweet Betty brings out the best in him but it's the worst in him, his dark secret tragedy, that worries Randall. Can this man of God conquer his own demons to win a match made in heaven?

Poor Betty Lindholm. There’s been a major error made to the sign announcing a big shipment to her fabric and Halloween decoration store. Satin has arrived for the season, but the sign states “Satan is here!” The mistake coupled with a rather ghoulish Halloween display and some mild, Halloween mischief has the town offering up prayers for her and her soul. But Betty has an idea up her sleeve…one that involves a certain handsome pastor with gorgeous eyes and a sexy smile. 

Pastor Randall Sondheim has been trying to find a way to get a little closer to one Betty Lindholm. He’s been watching her in the shadows for a few years now, but it’s time to make a move. This whole Satan/Satin mistake offers up a perfect excuse. Randall knows Betty as the woman with the pretty blue eyes, who’s smart and loyal. Will Betty be the one woman who finally breaks down Randall’s walls so they can both find the happiness they both deserve?

Oh my. Pastor Sondheim…I may just convert for you. You tried my patience a bit there in the beginning, but Betty managed to bring out something special in you. And Betty, I love your fierce devotion to your friends and your ridiculously strong sense of self-worth. I couldn’t help but cheer you on as you took on the fools of White Pine. I also adore how your friends helped move things along too… Willa and her make-over. Some “inspiration” right there! Can’t wait to catch up more with these fabulous friends in the next one, Every Little Kiss at the end of the month! 
~ Review by Missy

Oh, White Pine, are you ready for a new resident? As in, ME? I am thinking about upping sticks and moving to this quaint, crazy little town with its sexy pastor and…wait, what? SEXY PASTOR? Yeah, never thought I’d be writing those words…

Who would have thought a simple typo could potentially ruin a business and a reputation, and bring two people together? That’s what happens when Betty Lindholm’s new sign comes in proclaiming Satan, not Satin, to be at her fabric store…but only if Pastor Randall Sondheim can overcome his personal demons and embrace his feelings for the beautiful Betty.

This book was SO ADORABLE. I really, really enjoyed reading it—and did so with a big smile on my face and in my heart. Who’d have thought a story about a Lutheran pastor and a fabric shop owner called Betty could be so stealthily sexy, and sweetly charming? Okay, maybe sweetly charming makes sense, but dude, the tights-rippin’ pastor? HOT. 

One More Kiss was a super-fast read, a treat for those of us that have read the earlier installments in the White Pine series. It was well-written and I loved the way the author told the story (that prologue! My romantic heart… *sigh*), while still making is accessible to new readers. I can’t wait to get to Casey’s story, but first, I think it’s time I called the movers. 
~ Review by Beth

Kim Amos is a romance writer whose Midwestern roots run deep. You can usually find her hanging out in a state that borders the Great Lakes. She is married to an artisan ice cream maker, which is a dangerous complement to her enduring love for cheese. Learn more at

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