Friday 30 October 2015

Series Reviews - Death Dealers MC by Alana Sapphire

Series: Death Dealers MC
Author: Alana Sapphire

#1 Forbidden
Release Date: May 26, 2015

The last thing I want is to get tangled in my sister’s way of life. We share blood but we couldn't be more different. I'm into books, art, and music while she's a stripper and motorcycle club whore. I've vowed to stay as far away from that life as I can, but Gage, the club's sexy President has set his sights on me. From our very first meeting he made his intention clear – he wants me in his bed. Well, he put it a little more crudely. He’s a foul-mouthed, arrogant, domineering, infuriating biker who just wants to use my body but I can’t help my attraction to him. Even if I wanted to give in to him, I can’t. He's off limits. No matter how much I want him, I can never have him. He's forbidden.

I'm the President of the Death Dealers MC. My road name is Reaper. Wanna guess how I got it? Yeah, no one messes with me. I live for my club, my family, and getting chicks. I don’t do relationships. Women throw themselves at me, and if they're lucky, I'll give them a couple orgasms and a life-long memory. It’s easy. That is, until I met Raven. I wanted her the moment I saw her but I can’t have her – at least not yet. She’s different from the women I’m used to and I’m caught between wanting her and not wanting to corrupt her. I should stay away from her but how can I? They say forbidden fruit is the sweetest and I’m dying for a taste.

Gage Hunter has always been able to get anything and anyone being the President of The Death Dealers MC. But when he meets Raven Alvarez, he’s not expecting his charm to not work on her—after all, he is the Prez! One thing's for sure, he's going to have to work harder to get her to give him the time and day. 

Raven Alvarez is just ready to get the heck out of town and away from her evil, slutty sister, Lonnie! What she didn't expect was to catch the attention of the head honcho, Gage but she makes it clear to him she wants nothing to do with him or anyone else in his club.

Gage knows he can get women whenever he wants, but with Raven he's not going to let her go that easy...and so the chase begins. 

Even though there was a lot of sexual tension between Gage and Raven, there was also a lot of feeling behind it. Gage got to know as much of Raven as she allowed him to know. And Gage kind-of opened up to Raven, which changed the way she looked at him—and that equaled brownie points in my book, if you ask me. There is plenty of action and SEXUAL TENSION that was killing me. There is a cliffy and one that broke my heart… And so, on to book two, Tempted... 
~ Review by Kara

#2 Tempted
Release Date: August 10, 2015

I may have made a mess of my life. I turned my back on a boy with a bright future, for a man who doesn’t even see a future for us. He says he’ll wait for me but will I even make it to my birthday? Between Lonnie gunning for me and getting caught in the crossfire of Gage’s criminal lifestyle, it may be a matter of who gets to me first. I should stay as far as I possibly can from Gage Hunter. I should run, right? But why do I keep running right into his arms? His pull is too strong, my body too weak. He’s sexy as sin and infinitely more tempting than the apple in the Garden. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the serpent.

She tempts me more than any woman I’ve met in my entire life and I’ve never wanted any other as much as I want Raven. I’ve had more than my fair share so that’s saying a lot. She’s the relationship type and I’m not but staying away from her is physically impossible. Every second I spend with her makes me want her more but I’m not a good man. My life is complicated and she’s not safe around me. I should stay away from her. I tried leaving her alone and only ended up deeper under her spell. I have to have her. Every cell in my body craves her and I need to satisfy that craving no matter the cost. I hope I don’t destroy her in the process.

The continuation of Gage and Raven's story, and good grief, is it getting more intriguing! We got to see Gage and Raven's interaction even more, and things are getting naughtier and scorching hot. On top of making sure others know Raven is his, Gage is having to tend to business for the DD MC and, with a threat coming out of nowhere, Gage is on the hunt for those fuckers! 

Raven keeps tempting Gage but to no avail; she wants to make sure she's ready for him on all levels. Though there's really only one person what will stand in her way, and that's her own sister, Lonnie. This book had me hating Lonnie even more, so much so that I started called her Looney Lonnie! 

I knew things were going to good and that was scaring the mess out of me—and once I got to the end, I was proven right because that was one heck of an ending! Ms. Sapphire, you destroyed my heart and I beg you to please put it back together in the next one, because I can't believe what just happened. Please, please tell me we get to get book three soon!!! 
~ Review by Kara

Music and writing are my two great loves. I always thought I'd be doing one or the other. Alas, I cannot sing or play an instrument so I'm relegated to listening to music (and eating copious amounts of chocolate) while I write. Hoping you'll enjoy my characters as much as I do!

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