Thursday 17 September 2015

Release Blitz - Indecent Cravings: Part Four by S.K. Cross

Title: Indecent Cravings: Part Four
Series: Indecent Cravings #4
Author: S.K. Cross
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Release Date: September 17, 2015


Storm clouds are moving into Miami...

Jayd (formerly Abigail) is stunned at new revelations about Lukas Thorn, including a dangerous peek into his past. Once Lorena convinces her to see things differently, Jayd submits to her first week of "private training" at Lukas' Key Biscayne mansion.

As she continues her search for Karissa, Jayd senses evil forces moving in on both her and Lukas. An event soon forces her to choose whether she will return to her upper-crusty college world in Boston or continue her hot steamy new life in Miami permanently.

Do not read if any of the following offends you: Dirty talk, floggers, riding crops, anal sex, strap-on dildos, heavy ropes, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, tongues in places they probably shouldn't go, sensory deprivation, public humiliation, girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, guy-on-two-girls, two-girls-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-girl, well-endowed M2F transsexual-on-guy, tease and denial contests, dominatrixes, and sex swings...all consensual and in the spirit of fun and personal growth. (Not all of these appear in this book but will be explored over the course of the series... and more!)

You have been warned.

Themes explored: Overcoming personal challenges, discovering one's purpose in life, inspiring people to live their own lives on their own terms, and refusing to allow others to control how you think.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 4 of a multiple-part continuing series.

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Another sultry beat begins. I move around him. He spreads his legs on the stool as I bend forward and flop my hair over his naked knees.

I want to stop and bite them, but the hair flop is a tease Lorena’s choreographer taught me. As I steal a glance at his sapphire demons of eyes, I know I’ve had the desired effect. I swear I even see a twitch in those shorts.

Then I turn around and back up into him, making sure my denim cutoffs are as close to him as I can get without touching him. I sway from side to side, pulling them up tight so he can see the G-string of my thong, then pulling the top down just enough so that the top of my panties come halfway down my ass crack.

Then back up again. I spin quickly, waving my finger in a no-no stance, then placing my hands on my hips with an “underlook” and a sultry smile.

Twitch! I saw a twitch! That was a massive one. Well, naturally. He smiles while running his hands up the sides of his face into his hair. Hopefully, I’m making him want to pull it out right now. I’m a pretty talented twitch-reader.

Next thing I do is straddle him, my legs as wide as they go as I place my face near his crotch.

Then I draw a somewhat straight but sort of diagonal line up to his right ear with my head, making sure my perfume hits his nostrils with a flick of my hair.

It takes all of the effort I have ever summoned to not dive into that muscular pulsing neck as I reach his ear and drop a hot dollop of sweet girl breath into his acoustic cavity.

The next move is tricky. Lorena’s choreographer was emphatic about this point, that whatever I do as I rise above him I can’t touch him. It takes balance and precision. I fucked it up numerous times, but eventually got it right.

Here goes.

I shift my weight onto his thighs without touching his crotch. Then I move so my face rises from below his chin to the top of his head, looking him in the eye and then allowing the center of my breasts to fall right to his eyes.

Then, I lean back and remove my tank top, exposing my bra. Then I move forward to almost touch his nose while snaking one hand behind me and unlatching it.

The brilliance of this move is how the bra falls without him knowing it’s going to happen. One moment he’s looking at the piece of fabric between my two girls. The next, he’s looking at the naked spot between them, their mounds dancing around his peripheral vision.

Then I tilt my head and move to his right, landing another hot breathy whisper of nothingness to his other ear.

This time I feel the twitch. The choreographer would have deducted points for getting too close, but come on! It’s Lukas Thorn’s cock!

Sensations swirl around me, colors dance, and my breathing is heavy as his throbbing warrior presses against my thigh, up my taint, and up my backside.


Oh my.

Author Bio

I am the owner of a foul-mouthed dirty mind, a living contradiction who enjoys pushing hot sexy fun to the edges of normalcy ... while telling the stories of inspiring characters who rise above personal challenges to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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