Thursday 17 September 2015

Review - Dirty Talk by Megan Erickson

Title: Dirty Talk
Series: Mechanics of Love #2
Author: Megan Erickson
Release Date: September 15, 2015

When the one you shouldn't want is the one you can't resist... 

Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies’ man reputation. But he’s more than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it. Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family’s garage and makes Brent want more.

Ivy Dawn and her sister are done with men, all of them. They’ve uprooted their lives too many times on account of the opposite sex, but that’s over now. The plan seems easy until a sexy, dirty-taking mechanic bursts in Ivy’s life and shakes everything up.

Brent can’t resist the one person who sees past his devil-may-care façade, and Ivy finds it harder and harder to deny how happy he makes her. But she has secrets of her own and when the truth comes out, she must decide if she’ll run again or if she’ll take a chance on forever.

It really should come as no surprise that I loved this book, this hero, this story. I swear, it's like Megan Erickson has access to my brain and knows exactly what to write, and exactly when I need to read it...

Brent Payton is a sweet-and-dirty talking mechanic; one that has NO trouble with the ladies until Ivy Dawn sways her way into his automotive repair shop. 

Ivy's been through a lot in her life, and along with her sister, Alex, she's sworn off men—forever. Only, Brent is a surprise she never saw coming. 

Beneath the playful, anything-goes exterior is a man that makes her happy, who’s as good as he is bad, and that makes him hard to resist. But when the past collides with her perfect present, Ivy's suddenly facing a choice she doesn't want to make... 

Oh, Brent. Seriously, I think he may be my favorite of Ms. Erickson's men so far, and damn, she's had some doozies, including (but not limited to) Brent's brothers, Cal and Max. But Brent is just...WOW. Charming, dirty-talkin' ladies’ man meets kind, protective soul, all wrapped up in a Captain America package. That's some kinda wonderful right there. 

Dirty Talk did something for/to me that I needed. After a rough morning, I picked this one up and got completely lost in it. Despite my own roiling emotions, it made me happy, it made me smile and, even as it made me cry just a little, it made me laugh. And that cannot be underestimated. 

Ms. Erickson, as I said, has to have some psychic abilities—I mean, how else could she write a book with a hero like Brent, who just wants to be taken seriously, and a heroine like Ivy, who I wanted to jump up and protect, and know that I needed it right now? 
~ Review by Beth

I would kind of like to live inside Megan Erickson’s brain. I know that probably makes me some kind of weirdo, but let’s think about this for a minute. The things that come out of that brain are phenomenal. I can only imagine that living inside of it would be a veritable feast of sexy, strong, funny men; panty scorching sex scenes, and heart melting swoonery. What makes me think that?

This book.


All the books, really. But this book just killed me dead over and over again. Brent is the third Payton brother we’ve met. He’s the middle brother, the “forgotten” and “disregarded” one. He’s the love ‘em and leave ‘em guy, and he's loved and left most of the women in his small town. Brent is the brother nobody takes seriously, and that’s a role he’s gladly embraced. Until Ivy...

Ivy has been officially scared off of relationships. She doesn’t really know what a good one looks like, much less what it feels like. She's decided to focus her life on her family—no more men. So, when she meets Brent she is all prickly thorns and sharp edges. But she sees him in a way that nobody else ever has; when others write him off as a buffoon, Ivy can see where the digs get under his skin. 

The universe conspires to give Ivy a chance to get to know Brent better, and the more time she spends with him, the more powerless she becomes to his charms. Brent shows her how multi-layered and deep he actually is. He’s brave and strong and kind. He’s hilarious. He has a dog named Honeybear which is—I can’t even properly express how adorable that is. He can be tender and sweet, or fierce and protective; a hilarious goofball, or an earnest, brave man. He's so much more than anyone ever gave him credit for. It doesn't take long before Ivy finds that Brent has slipped past all her prickly thorns and maybe she's not done with relationships after all.

The mind blowing orgasms don't hurt, either. Oh, the mind blowing orgasms! The title of this book could not be more appropriate. Brent is a dirty talker. It is hot as sin. He is hot as sin. Together they’re—what’s hotter than sin? Hot as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, all of the Payton brothers have had it going on, but Brent…sweet Jesus. Brent is my favorite Payton brother. That filthy tongue left my panties in ashes. It’s not all about my panties though. While his dirty mouth is one of my favorite things about him, it’s just one part of this whole, brilliant, loveable package. 

Their road, while swoony and breathtaking at times, is bumpy. They’re so damn good together, but life doesn’t always just let things work out the easy way. One of the things I LOVED about this book (and this series) is how everyone bands together. The Payton’s are just an incredibly kick-ass family. The one time I cried in this book (and I wouldn’t say that this is a crying book) had nothing to do with Brent and Ivy and everything to do with how amazing this family is. All of them. I love them. I want to come over for Sunday supper.

This is a quick, easy read. If you’re looking for something sweet, funny, light, with periods of scorching heat, this is exactly what you’re looking for. As for me, I've now got two sexy mechanic book boyfriends, incinerated panties, and a goofy perma-grin from how adorable this book was. 
~ Review by Shelly

Megan Erickson worked as a journalist covering real-life dramas before she decided she liked writing her own endings better and switched to fiction. 

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she's not tapping away on her laptop, she's probably listening to the characters in her head who won't stop talking.

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