Monday 14 September 2015

Review - Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome

Title: Best Laid Plans
Series: The Mercenaries #1
Author: Stylo Fantome
Release Date: September 7, 2015


* Smuggle diamonds from Liberia to Morocco
* Make the trip in three days
* Don't get caught
* Don't kill each other
* Don't have sex with each other
* Don't fall for each other
* Stick to the plan

This is the story of what happens when an unlikely bond is formed between enemies, causing tensions to rise, and igniting a chemistry that threatens to burn them both. Together, they'll learn that sometimes even the best laid plans can fail.

If this NOVEL were a MOVIE, it would have an R rating from the MPAA. Contains: Violence, Grisly Images, Strong Language, Nudity, and Graphic Sexual Content.

Sweet Jesus! This BOOK! It was so fucking good! It was action packed with a kick-ass heroine. It had some hot-as-hell sex. It had some touching moments. It had some funny moments. And I could not read it fast enough!

Lily is unlike any heroine I have ever read. She is seeking revenge for her sister and by doing so, has changed who she is. She is a diamond transporter in Africa. She started by laundering money. She is feisty, fiery, and has a temper to match her red hair. She is not afraid to do what is needed to get what she wants. 

“She looks like a pin up, fucks like a porn star, and fights like Tyson.”

Enter Marc, a mercenary who stole the diamonds she is to smuggle. A brief flirtation through the month of diamond stealing leads to a hot, explosive night together. 

She felt like she had completely lost any kind of control, impaled on an impossibly huge dick, being fucked like she was being punished for something. It was the best feeling ever.

Of course, even the best plans can go awry. Suddenly, Marc and Lily are thrown back together and must work as a team to finish the job. And the two made a hell of a team; fucking and fighting like rock stars. Their chemistry was off the charts! 

“God, yes, please, I need to feel this again. Your pussy is magic,” he swore lifting his head to look down between their bodies. 

And that car scene – holy hell!!

This book was full of all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. I absolutely loved Lily—there couldn’t have been a better heroine. I also adore Kingsley Law. I can’t wait to get more of him. I seriously could not believe the ending and cannot wait for the next book, Out of Plans! Please don’t make me wait too long!! 
~ Review by Tiffany

Crazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since ..., forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball - I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I'm clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don't trust anyone who doesn't drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there's your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair - both a curse and a blessing - and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can't understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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