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Review - Sleeping with the Enemy by Tracy Solheim

Title: Sleeping with the Enemy
Series: Out of Bounds #4
Author: Tracy Solheim
Release Date: September 1, 2015

The author of Risky Game returns with a football team owner who’s a real player, and the woman who’s ready to call him out on everything...

Dot-com millionaire Jay McManus is discovering that owning a pro football team like the Baltimore Blaze isn’t easy. An anonymous blogger is out to destroy his reputation, and now his team is being sued by its own cheerleaders. If Jay’s not careful, he could lose big—and not just financially.

Bridgett Janik’s brother may play for the Baltimore Blaze, but she’s not thrilled to be defending Jay McManus, the man who broke her heart. It’s bad enough she has to mingle with Jay during games, but working beside her former lover may be too much for her body—and her heart—to resist.

Jay’s determined not to let Bridgett slip away from him a second time. But, as the two follow the mysterious blogger’s trail, secrets—both past and present—are revealed, and Jay and Bridgett must decide if their relationship can be something more than just sleeping with the enemy.

Sleeping with the Enemy is football, wine, fun and love—and those are all things that make me very happy! 

Jay and Bridgett meet in Italy when they are young, and fall in love. They make plans for their lives and then Jay has a family emergency and heads back to the States. Through a serious of unfortunate events Bridgett and Jay go their separate ways—not without heartbreak and struggles. When Jay needs legal reinforcements he calls on Bridgett’s firm for assistance. 

I loved the banter, witty humor, all consuming attempt at resisting love, and the desire that flies off the page. Jay is a strong man who isn’t sure he can let his heart be open to Bridgett again, but the desire to own her body is there at all times of the day and night. Bridgett can’t resist him but hopes to not fall in love again. The writing is superb, and I’m excited to read more of what Tracy writes! 
~ Review by Heather

Tracy Solheim is the author of the Out of Bounds novels, including Risky Game and Foolish Games. A military brat who now makes her home in Atlanta, she began her writing career as a teenager when she penned a column in her town’s local newspaper. Then it was on to journalism school and a brief stint with NBC Sports. After spending nearly two decades writing reports and testimonies for Congress, she delved into fiction.

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