Tuesday 15 March 2016

Release Blitz - Forever With You by Brooke Page

Title: Forever With You
Series: Conklin's Trilogy #3.5 (standalone)
Author: Brooke Page
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: March 15, 2016


Becca and Tyler have successfully beaten the odds and now find each at the front of the aisle saying I do. A beautiful dream come true, these newlyweds are ready to spend the rest of their lives as a happily married couple. But Becca has a secret.

A secret that will test Tyler’s limits.

Can this couple beat the odds once more?

Join Becca and Tyler on the honeymoon of a lifetime.

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“Let me give you kisses.”

She lifted a brow. Becca never believed me when I said her scent and taste turned me on more than anything. My hands found her wrists, traveling along her soft skin until I reached her biceps. I fluidly stood, pulling her completely upright with me. “You’re my favorite flavor, Becca.”

She blushed in response while I stepped completely free from my pants and boxer briefs then reached for Becca’s hand to guide her to our room. Once we found the bed, I spun her in her beautiful gown one last time. She giggled from the action, and the sound of her happiness made my heart melt.

My hands grazed her shoulders, and I used one hand to pull her hair off her neck, exposing her in an intimate way. I massaged gently, making her groan and move her head to the side. I intensified the pressure, causing her to hum in gratitude as my other hand found the clasp of her dress.

The intricate beading disguised the zipper well. Moving my hand from her neck, I traced my other finger down with the zipper. I was expecting a fancy corset, but the sight of her golden skin fueled the pumping blood in my veins even more. The zipper went lower than I’d expected, revealing silk boy short panties, the zipper stopping at the curve of her behind.

The white dress pooled at her feet. I stared in awe at the beautiful woman who was all mine. Her head peeked over her shoulder catching my gaze. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” I whispered, still standing with my hands to my sides. “And you were right, I like this garter much better.” The elastic was laced with silk, Mrs. Tyler Conklin written in script on the fabric. I felt primal and possessive seeing her branded with her new name, with my name.

She swiftly turned so she could face me, her hands finding the collar of my dress shirt. “I’m all yours,” she reassured. My buttons were slowly being undone by her finely manicured hands. Those eyes bore into my chest, the lust clear as her breath released faster with each button. She pushed my shirt off, making me completely bare to her. “And you’re all mine.” Her voice was raspy and possessive, and I was so incredibly turned on.

I tilted my head to find her mouth, gently stroking her lips with mine. Her mouth was an open invitation for my tongue, gliding with hers. Once her hands clung to my hair, I pulled away, gently grabbing her wrists. “Lay down, my gorgeous bride,” I commanded, motioning for her to step backward.

She compliantly obeyed, her body cautiously backing into the bed. She rested on her elbows, her confidence beaming as I took her in from head to toe. Her light brown curls fell gently to the tops of her luscious breasts. She thought they weren’t big enough, but they were full and perky, her nipples delicate and pink and budded to the occasion.

Then my eyes found her stomach. She worked so hard for the tender definition, yet still had the most banging curves and ass on the planet. Her legs were closed, showing her modesty, but began to open slightly from watching where I was focusing. Damn, talk about bringing a man to his knees.

I grasped her ankles, pulling her to the end of the bed. She giggled again, and I couldn’t help but sigh softly while kissing the inside of her thigh. Her giggles quickly faded, and I heard the bed creak as she squirmed.

Time to make my wife weak with pleasure.

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Includes Conklin's Trilogy books 1-3


Author Bio

Brooke Page is a contemporary romance author who loves writing romantic suspense novels that will lead her readers through twists and turns with each page. She wants her readers to feel like they are a part of the thrill, making their hearts race from not only passion but also the intensity of the story. Brooke has a craft for weaving steam and mystery, giving her readers a story they won't forget.

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