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Review - What Sara Said by M.L. Carrington

Title: What Sara Said
Author: M.L. Carrington
Release Date: January 19, 2016

If you had a SECOND CHANCE with your FIRST LOVE... would you take it? Would you end a marriage? Would you risk it all... for your soul mate? 

Twenty-nine year-old Sara Preen had it all; an upper-class lifestyle, two beautiful children and a successful husband that provided for her. She had everything she needed, except for one thing… passionate, soul-binding love. That is, until Sara crosses paths with a man from her past, Jude, a charming psychologist who happens to have been her first love. While Jude wrestles with a moral struggle, his unique ability compels him to stay in Sara’s life, tantalizing her senses and fulfilling her heart’s desires. 

When an unexpected event inspires her workaholic husband, Eric, to embrace a new perspective on life, Sara must choose between the man she promised her life to, and the one her soul would have. 

Filled with emotion, internal conflict and a healthy dose of seductive prose, What Sara Said moves us to challenge the existence of soul mates and the perception of a defined destiny. 

This book is intended for mature audiences.

I love second chance love stories, but this one here nearly gutted me… 

Sara's somewhat happily married to Eric, the father of her two children, yet she knew their relationship was starting to thin due to the long hours demanded by his job. Though it afforded them a very comfortable life, not needing anything materially, what it did leave was a want for time and attention from Eric. 

When Sara runs into her first love—Jude—it seems as if fate has put him in her path at a time when she needs love and attention. Even though she's married, she doesn't go in with the mindset of cheating on Eric—she just appreciates that Jude is there for her. 

As I started reading this, I was really torn because of Sara being married, even though her husband was rarely there for her emotionally. On the other hand, Jude was her first love.... Well, let me just say that they made decisions that might not have been the smartest. 

As Sara decides what to do with her feelings for Jude, she's also faced with a decision that will determine whom she might choose, and I have to say that I was so split! There is plenty of drama, angst, and moments which had me biting my nails, not knowing who Sara would pick. 

And that ending… My goodness, that ending!!! I can't wait to read the next book because I want to know what happens to the one left behind... 
~ Review by Kara

Time has a way of providing us with perspective on the very threads of life that define who we are as individuals. It was a complex web of these threads of life and her experiences as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and mother that inspired M.L. Carrington to write her first novel, What Sara Said.

In her writing, Carrington draws from her background in health care, having worked as a physical therapy assistant for more than a decade before exploring a career in communications and marketing. During the very rare moments when she is not working, co-managing a busy household with three amazing children, or writing, this author enjoys flameworking with her husband in their glass studio, sailing and hiking with her family, baking and home decorating.

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