Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Review - Sex Sessions: Uncut by Charisse Spiers

Title: Sex Sessions: Uncut
Series: Camera Tales #1
Author: Charisse Spiers
Release Date: February 18, 2016

I’m Saxton Maverick, famous for the size of my…
Well, you can fill in the blank.
I’m good at sex. 
When given the right tool I decided to use it to my advantage.
I’m not cocky, just confident.
Don’t believe me? I have a reputation and a bank account to prove it. I’m an icon.
Those that badmouth me for my career are usually the ones that contribute to my salary the most.
But I’ll keep their secrets.
I am only in the company of a woman when she’s naked and ready to go.
I don’t choose my partner. She’s chosen for me.
I have one job… Fuck her to the best of my ability and make it natural, memorable, and believable.
You want a piece? I’m easily at your disposal. 
The definition of true talent is when you can make a woman come without even touching her.
There is no room for jealousy or love in my life. The day I chose this job I left those possibilities behind.
For good reason at the time, but that’s in the past.
We fuck, we film, and we forget.
That is the life of a porn star.

Then the producers wanted to go a different route, so they started a new project and gave me her…

One look in her eyes and I can tell she has no experience. 
She looks terrified of what she’s about to do, what she’s about to become.
Kambry Rivers they call her. I have no idea why she is here, but this is going to be fun. I don’t even feel guilty.

Let the sessions begin.

WARNING: Dirty, Sexy Porn Star that will have you panties melting and heart beating wildly! Do not read in public unless you want the attention because it will have you panting and fanning yourself…

Kambry was finally getting out from under her parent's rule, and was on her way to self-discovery and living life fully. I gotta say, I loved and hated her best friend, Meredith because 1) she helped Kam to spread her wings; 2) she was there for her and 3) she loved Kam no matter what.

Saxton loves f*cking and he has no shame in his profession—a porn star. He does what he loves and doesn't get attached, yet when he meets Kambry, he's intrigued by her because she radiates innocence. When he realizes Kam has no experience, it scares him and intrigues him at the same time. 

Kam is a little spitfire that doesn't take orders just because they are handed to her, and that tests Saxton's patience. Saxton and Kam have a love/hate relationship and they had me cracking up. These two not only had scorching hot chemistry but also more, yet they fought hard to ignore it. Hard-headed people. 

Even though there is lots and lots of sex, there is still a beautiful story of discovering yourself, opening your mind to more, and allowing yourself to want more. Be prepared to have your feelings all over the place because Kam and Saxton will definitely test your patience 
~ Review by Kara

I found books when I was going through a hard time in life. They became my means of escape when things got bad. I realized quickly how much I loved to take a backseat to someone else's life and watch the journey unfold. That began my journey with books in November of 2012. I constantly had a book open on my Kindle app. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself as a writer, because I never thought I was creative enough. I'm living proof that things will fall into place when they're meant to be. People will make their way into our lives when we don't expect it, setting the path for what we are meant to do. Never give up on people. Never stop taking a chance on others. Someone took a chance on trusting me with her work when she didn't know me from a stranger on the street and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime as our relationship progressed, which led me to editing and writing as well. This is my dream I never knew I had. As soon as I sat down and gave writing a shot, it was like the floodgates opened. Now, I am lost in a world of fiction in my head, new characters constantly screaming for their stories to be told. Continue to dream and to go for them. No one ever found happiness by sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes we have to take risks and put ourselves out there. Thank you for all of your support, and may there be many books to come. XOXO- C

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