Thursday 3 October 2013

Blog Review Tour - Used by Kate Lynne

Title: Used
Author: Kate Lynne
Release Date: September 19
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

The name's V. I'm beautiful in every sense of the word physically. But on the inside, I'm a black pit.
If you're expecting a happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids; then this isn't the story for you.
There aren't any happily ever afters in the works for me or those whose lives I poison.
I hold the key to my pleasure and I'll be damned if I ever give it up again.
God forsake those that stand in my way of ultimate gratification.
You may regret me, but you'll never forget me.
Use or Be Used, there are no other options.

** Warning ** 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence. * This story contains dirty words, dirty sex and an even dirtier twist. **

This is one of those books where you look at the cover, read the blurb, and ask yourself ‘what the heck is going on?’ All I could grasp is that one, there is no happily-ever-after, two, V’s probably a whore, and three, this is going to be one bumpy rollercoaster ride where you have no idea what’s going to happen next.

For those of you that know me, I absolutely, desperately need HEAs in my books, I’d prefer that the heroine isn’t a common whore, and thrill rides make me grumpy. So why on earth would I pick up this book??!! Well, I have no darn clue! It’s one of those that creeped up on me and since it was so short, well, why not give it a whirl?

From the start, the writing gripped me. It didn’t matter to me that there wasn’t much plot development at first; the character description of V, the thoughts she has, and her unapologetic way of life completely captivated me. I actually wanted to know what made her this way, dig deep into her past, and I think that’s what drove me to read on.

“You think I’m the fucking devil, I can see it on your face. I’m just a broken girl who’s fucking the world like it has fucked me. In my humble opinion, I’m fucking it harder, faster, and longer.”

Straightforward, blunt, unapologetic right? And pretty soon, I read why. V definitely went through some hardships in her life, and had her heart crushed in the cruelest way. Her response to it was painful for me to read…I got where she came from, but her actions were extreme.

“One shot for her, right between the eyes, and two for him. In his mouth, the weapon he used to love me and lie to me, and in his heart, where I’d never been at all.”

In the aftermath, she runs. She travels, sleeps around, and moves on again. Until she meets the sexy bartender, Savage (yes, that is his name), and one of the bar girls, Eryn. They work out their night together and what follows really, really shocked me, and it wasn’t just when the past repeated itself. It was when I got to read all three of their point of views at once, to know what they were all thinking when V pulls the trigger. After finishing, I feel like I know even less about her; there’s an even darker side of V that borders on insanity and addiction and I have no clue where it stems from. Maybe her past warped her mind? I don’t know.

In the end, the blurb stuck to the story. There is no happily-ever-after, she’s still an on-the-run whore, and I have no clue what’s going to happen to her next. It will be incredibly interesting to see what life has for V next, and though she covers it well, she’s still got a speck of humanity left in her heart. A job well done, Kate Lynne, for creating such a complex, twisted, and wicked character.


~ Review by Feifei



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