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Blog Tour - What He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne



He told her How He Really Feels and had his heart broken. Now Travis Miller is trying to move on from the greatest heartbreak of his life by getting out of town. But two nights before his big move to California, Travis meets a mystery woman who grabs hold of his broken heart and gives him hope that he can piece it back together. Will Travis ever figure out What He Really Feels, or will he be stuck on his first love forever? Will he find his happily ever after?

What He Really Feels contains some adult situations and is intended for mature readers.


I’m one of those readers who love a good love triangle. They happen in life, and a lot of the time I can imagine myself as crazily confused as the characters in the story. Truth is, I suck at making decisions, so it’s awesome for me to read the thoughts of people involved in them and see how it all works out.

What He Really Feels should be read after How He Really Feels so that you can get the full effect of the love triangle and see the beauty of this book. It’s the “what happened to the corner of the triangle that got left in the cold when the other two became a straight line”.  It’s an entire book filled with the story of the one who was got the shaft instead of the happily ever after. I loved the premise and couldn’t wait to read it.

I loved Travis. After the first book when my heart was hurting for him, I was eager to see where the next story would take him. I didn’t think a sexy, kind, amazing guy like Travis would have an empty bed for long, but I really didn’t know if he’d go off the deep end and turn into a manwhore or find that missing piece to his puzzle. I won’t get into spoilers, but I will say I love where he ended up and think it was right where he needed to be.

For me, the book was a little on the long side with some drawn out parts. I think it would have packed the same (or maybe more of an) emotional punch without some of the repetitive thoughts and feelings.
A solid 3.5 stars because I love the characters so very much! 

 ~ Review by Jennifer


My friends dared me to come talk to you.”
I thought about that for a moment. She was cute. I’d had an unusually large volume of random hook-ups of late, but, I justified to myself, I had no reason not to add one more to the list. There wasn’t anybody waiting at home for me, so I figured there was no harm in having some fun.
I placed my hand on Kelly’s hip and guided her so that she stood closer to me, between my legs. Then I leaned in close to her, and she smelled good. Sexy, like warm vanilla. “Did they dare you to do anything else?” I asked, my breath close against her ear.
I saw her tremble, and I acknowledged that my words had had their intended effect.
She looked up at me with big, mischievous brown eyes. “Maybe.”
I leaned in again. “Are they watching?”
She nodded, so I lowered my head to hers to give her friends a show. I brushed my lips against hers, and I felt my own heart rate speeding up. Even if I didn’t know anything about this girl, I still always got revved up by the thought of what could happen.

Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do.



Also available - How He Really Feels (Book #1)


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  1. Thanks for the lovely review and for participating in my blog tour! XOXO

  2. I usually can tell pretty well what is on his mind. He is one that shows all emotion all the time. I have dated those that were nearly impossible to figure out though.