Friday 18 October 2013

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“There is nothing worse than pretending that you don’t care about something, when that is all you can think about.”

Harper Graham wears a mask, and not the pamper kind. She conceals her pain with shoes, shots, and lots of sex. But while her life appears fantastic to most, Harper herself knows that the most important thing in life is not financial stability, but emotional. Having been let down by her absent father for most of her life, Harper chooses to keep the men in her life at arms length. Well, that was until Kyler Morgan.
Kyler Morgan has been successful at nearly everything in his life … nearly. Traveling the country with the band Down Glory Road, Kyler has had time to reflect upon his life and in particular his relationship with feisty, drop-dead gorgeous realtor, Harper. Realizing that she is the woman of his dreams, Kyler resolves to win back Harper, and prove to her that she is, and always has been, enough.
But the path to true love rarely runs smoothly, and when their journey takes a number of twists and turns, will Harper and Kyler manage to hold tight, or fall by the wayside?

Always Enough is the second book in the Ever Enough series. It can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading Ever Enough (Finn and Emilyn's story) first. This is where we are introduced to Harper and Kyler...and where their story starts to simmer. With their smoking hot chemistry and fun banter, it was only a matter of time before Harper and Kyler got their own story.

Harper's carefully planned-out life is going exactly how she wants. She runs her own successful company, has amazing friends, and the occasional casual fling. But she soon finds that the one thing that she keeps so carefully guarded is about crumble. Harper is emotionally stunted. With circumstances that have plagued her since her childhood, she isn't too accepting of Kyler situating himself into her life. Doing what she does best, she pulls away. She avoids. She attempts to move on.

"How do you drop walls that have been there your whole life?"

Kyler has been in love with the same girl since high school. Too bad she had no idea of his feelings. When he stumbles back in to his Harper's life, he's ready to take the plunge. But knowing how stubborn his girl can be, Kyler has to beat her at her own game to prove she feels the same.

"And there it was. The gauntlet had been thrown down and the challenge had been made. I would not be told what to do, and he didn't like not getting his way. The sexual tension between us was could practically taste it."

I enjoyed Ever Enough (book 1) so much that I couldn't wait for Always Enough. Harper and Ky had such an undeniable chemistry that I felt their story would not disappoint. And it didn't!

I adored Harper and Kyler. I loved them as Finn and Em's best friends but enjoyed them even more by getting to see in to their lives. These two characters were snarky, silly and had just the right amount of drama to keep me wanting more. Oh, and it's steamy as hell, too!

"My mouth, mouth is really fucking cute."

I'd love to have Harper's quick wit, she had me in stitches many times.

Jesus! Next time I'll just ask him to remove his tampon before he comes around me."

I enjoyed the alternating POV. When a story is shorter in length, it definitely helps getting to know the characters better when you're hearing both sides of the story. These were two very well developed characters that I had no trouble connecting with. And there wasn't any unnecessary drama to take away from the story. Although, a few times I did feel some spots may have been a little rushed, but that didn't deter me from reading.
Stacy Borel has got herself a cheerleader!
~ Review by Molly
Review of Ever Enough (Book #1 Ever Enough Series) 
This is the type of book that I can never seem to put down. I'm a sucker for 2nd chances with first loves! I stayed up way too late reading about Em and Finn and I couldn't get enough!

First, Em is my favorite type of female character being that she knows there is more for her in life and she's determined not to settle any longer. But some circumstances are beyond her control.

Now, Finn...OMG, Finn!! He is definitely the ideal man. I loved him from the start. His love for Em is felt from the second he joined the story and didn't waver at all. He's living with the pain of a decision he made 10 years ago and he's determined to make it right. Whatever it takes.

I fell in love with both of these characters (and their hilarious best friends) and didn't want their story to end. I loved the writing, the story, the characters...everything! I'm looking forward to more by this author! I'm definitely a fan!!
~ Review by Molly




Stacy Borel lives in southeast Texas with her huband, two kids, and two dogs. She is a military wife, and prior to that, was a military brat. She loves picking up and moving somewhere new every two to four years. Stacy is a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. If she isn't online, she is either writing or being a mom or wife.



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