Saturday 12 October 2013

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Emma decided to skip the gym and went home early. It was the last easy decision she made because she found her roommate being raped by the boyfriend. She had two choices. Call the cops and be killed by his family’s mafia connections or kill him first and hope to survive. There was no choice to her. She killed the bastard first and went to the one person who could protect her. Carter Reed. He’s a weapon for the rivaling mafia family, but he’s also Emma’s secret. Not only was he best friends with her brother, but she’s the reason he became that weapon in the first place.


I am in such a blissful book hangover!! This is my fifth book by Tijan and what she promises, she delivers with a bang! It’s been three days since I’ve read it and I couldn’t even bring myself to start another…I’m just so consumed by the characters, the romance, the plot and the setting---> LOVE the whole dangerous, mysterious, sexy mafia background!! Seriously, is there anything this author can’t write?!?!

The opening scene literally stole my breath. And not in a “oh my gosh, it’s sooo beautiful and swoon-worthy way.” It was intense, it was gritty, it was provocative, and right then and there, my heart went out to Emma. The horrifying scene she took in, the decision she needed to make, and her tenacity and fierceness in handling the situation truly impressed me.

With everything to run from and nowhere else to go, Emma turns to her late brother’s best friend Carter Reed, now a wealthy, lethal and powerful man in the mafia family. It’s been ten years since they last met, and Carter has evolved from the sweet, innocent boy he was before.
“He had sculpted his body into a weapon. He had done it on purpose.”

“Shit. He was perfect. And he was a killer.”

Absolutely. But a loyal, passionate, and driven one to be exact. No matter the time, location, or circumstance, his number one priority is Emma, and always has been Emma.
“You did all of that for me?”

“I would declare war for you.”

The story really is compelling and attention-grabbing, all the way. While some of the events that happened I wasn’t so convinced of its believability, for the most part, the action, the drama, the passion, the angst, I could all feel seep into me. The “mafia intrigue” by itself kept my heart racing throughout the book, and kept me guessing to Emma and Carter’s future. I literally had no idea what was going to happen next, who would (possibly) die, and what the mafia had in store for them. Even Carter didn’t have a firm grasp on their future, but the one thing he knew for certain was his love for Emma, and the lengths he’d go through to protect her.

“And I will always worry, but it’s because I love you. I will never control you, Emma. You can make your own decisions and go where you want and I will never say otherwise. But I need you to know that if I worry about you, it’s because I love you. I want you safe. I will always want you safe, no matter who you are with or what you’re doing.”

I didn’t want to finish this book. I wanted to take my sweet time savoring Tijan’s fluent and seductive writing, but before I knew it, eight hours passed and I was on the final page of Carter Reed. I could probably prattle on and on about all the marvelous qualities this book possesses. No doubt about it, Tijian has always been a 1-click author for me, and Carter Reed, both the book and the man, only cements that fact.


 ~ Review by Feifei


Tijan started writing later in life, after she had already graduated college with a different direction in mind and a different degree under her belt. Hitting the brakes on that path, she taught herself how to write a good book and began posting at sites such as Fictionpress, along with Wattpad. After receiving such encouraging messages from readers, she self-published Fallen Crest High and has continued throughout the year. She continues to keep writing NA books!




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