Sunday 27 October 2013

Review - Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner

Title: Welcome to Sugartown

Series: Sugartown #1
Author: Carmen Jenner

Expected Release Date: November 3, 2013


Ana Belle never wanted anything more than to hang up her apron, jump on her Vespa and ride off into the sunset, leaving Sugartown in the dust.
Elijah Cade never wanted anything more than a hot meal, a side of hot arse and a soft place to lay his head at night where he could forget about his past.
But you know what they say about wanting: you always want what you can’t have.
Nineteen year-old virgin Ana is about to discover that’s not quite true because a six foot three, hotter than hell, tattooed, Aussie sex god just rode into town. He’s had a taste of her pie and he wants more– no really, Ana bakes pies for a living, get your mind out of the gutter.
She’d be willing to hand over everything tied up in a big red bow, there’s just one problem; Elijah has secrets dirtier than last week’s underwear. Secrets that won’t just break Ana’s heart, but put her life at risk, too. When those secrets come to light, their relationship is pushed to breaking point.
Add to that a psychotic nympho best friend, an overbearing father, a cuter than humanly possible kid brother, a wanton womanizing cousin, the ex from hell and more pies than you could poke a ... err ... stick ... at.

And you thought small towns were boring.

Welcome to Sugartown.

Content Warning. Intended for a mature 18+ audience. Contains explicit sex, violence, oodles of profanity and a crap-tonne of AWKWARD.

****4.5 Stars Sugar-Licking Sweet****

Let me first off say, if Sugartown really existed, I would become the newest resident just to witness sexy bad boy tattoo Aussie biker, Elijah Cade walking around shirtless. Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner is one of those surprising debut books that totally sucked you in from the beginning to the end. This book had everything from sugar coated sweetness, humor, sexual chemistry, friendly banter, angst, dirty talks, sexual innuendos, and a surprising twist of events that will totally keep you hooked till the very end.

Welcome to Sugartown introduces nineteen year old Ana Belle, who grew up and has lived her whole life in Sugartown. Ana has been labeled the town whore/slut because her ex-boyfriend, Scott, spread these vicious awful rumors about her since she didn't want to give up her V-card to him. So she dreams of leaving Sugartown but due to family obligations of running her deceased mother's pastry shop/diner and taking care of her younger half-brother, Ana is stuck in a town where she wants nothing more than to pack up her bags and leave Sugartown behind.

The once boring Sugartown got a whole lot interesting when hot tattoo biker, Elijah Cade comes riding into town looking for a job at Ana Belle's dad's mechanic shop. Elijah is basically sex on a stick. He oozes sexiness and bad boy player is written all over him. Not only does he scream sex god but he has one dirty mouth.

" I want it. More than you know, but you can't just hand it to me on a silver platter. You should make me work for it, make me earn it."

Ana can't deny the sexual attraction she feels for Elijah. He tries to stay away from Ana knowing that she's a virgin and the boss's daughter. As much as he tries to stay away, Ana is like a magnetic pull for him. Ana's mind and body are traitors and refuses to listen once Elijah works his magic using his hands and mouth. Once these two finally accept that their sexual attraction is something that can't be stopped, they take you on one hell of a steamy dirty talking relationship.

Ana may be a virgin but this girl has sass and spunk written all over her. She does not take crap from anyone especially not from Elijah. Once their relationship was finally getting somewhere, Elijah's dark past and secrets are exposed. His past secrets was the driving force that led Ana to get hurt and scared. Let me tell you, Elijah is definitely no Saint . He has committed and done things that were a complete shock to me but he has atoned for his sins and mistakes. Like all bad boys trying to get back on track with their lives, he has found salvation and redemption in Ana. She is his ANGEL, his HOME.

Well Elijah's secrets is something that Ana cannot bring herself to forgive easily. Ana and Elijah's relationship can only be described as roller-coaster. The beginning is full of playful sweetness but once they reach the top of the roller-coaster everything comes crashing down with lots of twist and turns. Your heart will ache for both them after the traumatic experience Ana went through. Life in Sugartown was not so kind and sweet for Elijah and Ana but through perseverance these two clawed their way back out of the darkness.

What I like about this book was that Ana was able to fight back after the horrific ordeal she went through. As for Elijah, he was a character whom I loved right off the bat. Yes, he did things that had me screaming Why! and yet also had me rooting for him. The once bad boy biker was able to redeem himself. Life and love may not be picture-perfect for Ana and Elijah but they truly belonged together. She was the Ying to his Yang. They had sexual attraction and chemistry that couldn't be denied or extinguish. Their relationship was simply scorching HOT.

The title of this book will certainly deceive it’s readers because nothing about this book is light and fluffy. Welcome to Sugartown was simply just raw, sweet, intense, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. This book had a great cast of secondary characters who were just a riot of fun. Miss Carmen Jenner did a fantastic job for her debut book because she took her readers on one hell of a HOT STEAMY RIDE full of twist and turns!

~Review by Michelle



Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent.
She's also a compulsive, flagrant prevaricator who gets to make things up for a living.
While Sugartown may not technically exist, Carmen grew up in a small Australian town just like it, and just like her characters, she always longed for something more. They didn't have an Elijah Cade, though. If they did, you can be sure she would have never left.



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