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When you think about your life are there things you would reverse?

Derek Scott is the twenty-six year old drummer of Battlescars. With a past marred by tragedy, he has a hard time letting people in. He's also made his share of mistakes. Now, he's trying to come to terms with the choices he has made recently and what they mean for him.

When someone from his past comes back into his life, Derek thinks maybe he can get back on track. However, things unravel, leaving him more unclear than ever. When long kept secrets find him and force him to decide what really matters in his life, will he be able to choose a path - or will he always be conflicted?



3.75 Stars for Derek but 4 solid stars for Battlescars as a series

“Conflicted. What does it really mean?” If you are looking for the answer to that question, no need to turn to the dictionary, just read Derek’s story; he is the poster boy for this word. This book tested my sanity. So much back and forthness in both the hero and heroine’s thought processes. To say these two characters don’t have their shit together is an understatement.

Derek is overwhelmed by his inner demons. So much so he is drowning in his own misery. He endured so much heartache and loss as a child he has this instilled mentality that he is not good enough for love or that people he loves will leave him. His bandmates have been his life preservers while music has truly been his savior

“If it weren’t for music, there’s a good chance that I’d be dead right now. It speaks when words fail.”

I understand his hesitancy with relationships due to his abandonment issues, but gosh did I want to slap him so many times especially if I heard him say one more time “I’m just feeling conflicted. It’s nothing really.”

The first half of the book I could not connect with Derek, he spoke as if Joss was the immature one due to her young age of 20yrs old. Yet I thought it was the other way around. Joss Potter (Blake’s sister we met in Afflicted) is gorgeous, sassy, doesn’t take shit, honest about her screw-ups and has cared deeply for Derek since teenage years.

She doesn’t make excuses for her immature or lack of common sense decisions

“I’d never had a one-night stand and curiosity, stubbornness, stupidity, and being twenty got the best of me.”

These two are so much alike, both avoiding commitment and both in denial of the extent of their feelings for one another.

If you have a headache from the whirlwind of their “beneficial relationship”, be ready to scratch your head and huff and puff. New love interests enter into the mix—Zach + Brit. Zach is another sexy talented rock star. Brit, I loved this girl. I connected more with her than any other character, which is why the course of events Derek sets in motion ticked me off even more. This girl has experienced just as much, if not more turmoil in her lifespan than Derek. In the start of their relationship I respected Derek’s decision to help her, but at arms-length, not wanting to add sex in the mix in fear of f**king things up.

The way Derek speaks of Brit “We were two broken people who were quickly becoming each other’s other half”. It gave you hope that Derek was growing, warming up to the idea of accepting love. At first I was blindsided by Brit’s entrance into the story. I was a Derek + Joss fan, yet as these two develop a relationship I converted sides. I didn’t mind Joss’s continued presence in the story. She truly wanted Derek to be happy no matter what, even if they were just friends. Derek had a confusing, whip flashing thought process whenever Joss was back in the picture and by golly if he didn’t flip from eyes for Brit to Joss.

My neck hurt so bad from the ping pong action that was Derek + Joss, they’re friends, wait they’re having sex in the car, they’re friends, they’re confessing their feelings, they’re friends, MAKE YOUR MIND UP!!!

As if it wasn’t hard enough to define their relationship, more twists and turns were thrown into the story—Kennedy + Skylar. This added drama/confliction did not seem necessary to me, especially since it was wrapped up in a total of 8 pages.

Holy head spinning, this book’s title is damn PERFECT. Not only does it describe the characters but it will describe how you as a reader will feel while reading. But do not get me wrong. Sophie Monroe’s writing is amazeballs and she offers depth with a hint of humor

“I agree with you that we’re a match made in Hell, but if I’m going there, you better be next to me.”

“I’m getting a little old for the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing and that word doesn’t seem strong enough. So, how about I just call you my forever?”

Ms. Monroe does not disappoint in the steam department. As corny as Derek may sound referring to his junk as his “lady-killer” he shuts you up real quick with his use of it.

In the proceeding books Battlescars and Afflicted we had glimpses of Derek. While he was always in the background somewhere, I was excited to see what he had to offer in terms of a story. I will always be attracted to Jake but after reading Blake’s story I converted boyfriends. Ms. Monroe’s books seemed to get better as the series continued on. However, I felt this book went backwards in some aspects. I enjoyed the presence of all the characters Jake, Aub, Piper, Blake, Kevin, & Granny (world’s funniest yet wisest blunt yet compassionate grandma).  What I didn’t like was the pace was too rushed for my taste. Revelations surfaced from left field then BAM were forgotten and the story moved on while my mind was still stuck in WTF mode. But the series as whole is still one you shouldn’t pass up!
~ Review by Tori

The Heroes Lie- Ring Around The Halo, Falling Hard

Emphatic- Don’t Forget About Me, Pride

Eve to Adam- My Vanity, Ransom

Trapt- Love/Hate Relationship, (REBORN, the whole album)

Good Charlotte- Emotionless

Gary Allan- Best I Ever Had

Saving Abel- Sailed Away

Papa Roach- …To Be Loved, Breathe You In

Fall Out Boy- Just One Yesterday

Rev Theory- Broken Bones

Age of Days- Not Breathing

Sick Puppies- My World

Art of Dying (feat. Adam Gontier)- Raining

My Darkest Days- Save Yourself

Burn Halo- Threw It All Away

One Less Reason- If You Want Me

Lansdowne- Drag Me Down, My Disaster

Three Days Grace- Over and Over

Avril Lavigne- What The Hell

Yellowcard- Fighting


Sophie Monroe is a twenty-something author from New Jersey. Her rock & roll romance series, Battlescars, is an Amazon and USA TODAY best seller.


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