Thursday 21 May 2015

Review - Honor by J.M. Witt

Title: Honor
Series: Blind Vows #2
Author: J.M. Witt
Release Date: May 20, 2015

Honor: An experiment of marital proportions.

Will Lucy say 'I do'?

After Lucy discovers that her groom is Heathcliff, her mortal enemy, her world is rocked.

Will she look past the flaws of their relationship to find the love residing there?

Heath is desperate to make Lucy his. His love for her runs deep and longer than any of us knew.

Can he prove to her that he's worthy of her love, or will more secrets devastate them both once they're revealed?

Find out what happens when the one person you thought hated you, turns out to be your match. Or is she?


Honor is the second part in the Blind Vows series, and it picked up right where Trust left off. We find out if Lucy decided to say "I do" to her 'enemy', Heath. I’m not going to spoil it and tell you if she does. You will have to read it to find out.

This volume continued to be sexy.

“My cock wanted her. My body wanted her. Hell, my soul wanted her.”

It was sweet and steamy.

“God, I wanted to bury myself inside her so bad. I’d had a hard-on for her for ten years.”

It was fun yet emotional.

There is a huge secret revealed in this volume and we were left with another cliffy. I can’t wait to read the final volume, Love, to see how Heath and Lucy’s story ends.

~ Review by Tiffany

Oh, holy cliffhanger!! Epic, that's what it is, when you get to the end of a book and have to wait for the conclusion. I'd really like to not have to wait... Yeah, I'm impatient. What of it?!

Picking up where Trust left off, Lucy's groom is trying to convince her to walk down that aisle and become his wife. If he can do that, all that's left is getting her to fall in love with him...provided she doesn't uncover his secret.

I'm a little torn about writing this review... I'm loving this series; the premise is fun and interesting, the covers are divine, the cliffhanger has clamoring for Love to arrive on my Kindle ASAP, and Heathcliff? Well, he's quite delicious. So, why am I torn??

There's just something about the writing and the flow of the story that's a little off for me, and at times, it can be jarring. I'll be happily immersed in Lucy and Heath's story and it'll strike me, pull me from the story. I know for certain though, that despite the use of some words I'd rather not see in a book ("cum", although appropriate, is visually not appealing to me), some occasionally juvenile language and behavior, and a slightly-awkward-but-adorably-so nickname for Heath's *ahem* cock, I can and will quite happily read more about this couple.

I loved that Honor was told from Heath's POV -- and that the opening gave the reader a little insight into him, before we launched into the story. And I was more surprised by the twist and ending than I might have expected to be, which makes me a very happy reader.

Yes, I will most definitely be tuning in to the final installment in the Blind Vows series to see what happens next, and if this couple can get past the secrets and learn to Love one another.

~ Review by Beth

I’m a stay-at-home mom with four young children and one extremely supportive husband. We’ve been married for nine years and reside in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

I've dreamed of writing romance novels since I was little. After having baby #4, who may or may not have been fathered by Christian Grey, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams.

When I'm not volunteering at the schools of my children, running to various appointments, enjoying time with my friends and my book club, dating my husband, or avoiding cleaning my house, I'm writing!

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