Friday 1 May 2015

Review - Lane One: Obsession by Justine Elvira

Title: Lane One: Obsession
Series: Lane One #3
Author: Justine Elvira 
Release Date: April 16, 2015 



Two things Theo has always avoided... until now.

After an amazing night together, Theo finally has what he's wanted for the past year–Cassie. She's in his bed and he doesn't plan on changing that.

But Theo's never been in a relationship, the rules are new to him. He's impulsive, passionate, and consumed with Cassie. With their pasts and inexperience in relationships, they should be taking their new relationship slow.

But breaking the rules is what Theo does best and slow isn't going to work with him.


Wow! In this third installment of the Lane One series we get to see Cassie and Theo try and have a relationship when neither one has had one before. While Theo borders on obsession at times (hence the perfect title), he is just trying to make his woman happy, which is so sweet.

“When two people who are lost find each other, nothing in this world will tear them apart.”

The two of them are magnetic when they are together. They can’t keep their hands off on another and it is hot!

“Watching you take control and overpower me was fucking hot. I have to have you – right here, right now.”

But that ending! Why?!? I can’t wait to read the conclusion to Cassie and Theo’s story and find out if Cassie makes it through this next hurdle she must face, as well as see how Theo will handle it.

~ Review by Tiffany

The third installment of this serial revolves around Cassie and Theo's relationship. Things are getting serious between them -- and fast. Cassie and Theo have very much interested me since the first installment so it's great that they are now in a relationship.

"When two people who are lost find each other, nothing in this world will tear them apart."

Theo is now a very changed man. He is no longer a player, but a committed man in a relationship. This side of Theo is great to see, though Cassie is now an obsession to him. He is propelling their relationship forward faster than what is normal. Cassie feels as if it's going too fast, though she can't help the way she feels about him.

The prologues of all three installments lead up to the fourth and final installment, so I am excited to finally see what is going on. I kind of expected what would happen at the end of this one based of what we have learned with the prologues, but none the less it still intrigued me and got me wanting to read the next one right away.

~ Review by Leah

Justine Elvira is a best selling author at multiple retailers. She is also a mother and the Queen of Procrastination. Writing is her form of therapy and helps her escape reality for a little while.

When she's not writing you can usually find her with her kids, or escaping in a good book.

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