Thursday 18 June 2015

Review - His Plaything by Ava Jackson

Title: His Plaything
Author: Ava Jackson
Release Date: May 28, 2015

Warning: If you can't handle a Navy SEAL with a filthy mouth, and a huge cock who wants to turn you into his plaything, this isn't the book for you. Carry on. 

An ass you could bounce a quarter off of. 

That’s the sight that greets me of my new roommate as he fucks a blonde on the kitchen table. 

That’s right before I get an eyeful of his giant cock. Cue wet panties. 

Oh, and did I mention he’s a Navy SEAL? 

One semester. That’s as long as I have to last—and then I’m gone, graduated, off into the real world. 

But can I survive that long without becoming … his plaything? 

A full-length standalone erotic romance. 

When a book blurb starts with this:

Warning: If you can't handle a Navy SEAL with a filthy mouth, and a huge cock who wants to turn you into his plaything, this isn't the book for you. Carry on. 

And has a cover that's clearly bringing sexy back, it seems stupid to pass it by. And it would have been. It SO would have been. 

Avery's first glance at her new roommate isn't ideal. His fine, firm ass thrusting into another woman. Her second one is not much better -- his cock, wet and hard, saluting her. 

Living with a dirty talking Navy SEAL that looks and acts like that? That's going to be as hard as his co... Well, you know. She just has to survive one semester with her knickers still on. But that's easier said than done...

Okay, I was expecting a dirty, steamy, sexy, raunchy roll around the sheets when I cracked this one open. And I absolutely got that. Surprisingly though, I got a little something more. This story was super fun too. Avery and Nixon are both scorching hot and kind of adorable together, as they try to navigate their new arrangement. I was on board with their relationship from the get-go and, damn it, I wanted a HEA for them so bad. 

I love the way these two characters own who they are. Both are proud and sure in their chosen careers (even if Avery is still working towards hers) and that's rather sexy on its own. Plus, their relationship with each other feels real, not forced or completely unrealistic, which I liked. The tenuous 'forbidden' nature of their coupling was, admittedly, a bit of a stretch for me, but that's okay. I could look past it because their banter and their friendships (with each other and outsiders) were playful and light. 

His Plaything was a fast, easy and really enjoyable read. It's a panty-soaker that will amuse, and it'll tug on those heartstrings a bit too. While it can be read standalone (I've not read Stepbrother Master myself), there were a couple of moments I felt I was missing something, so checking out book one wouldn't be a bad thing at all. In fact, it it's as good and hot as this one…well then, it would be stupid to pass it by.
~ Review by Beth

“There's still one last thing we need to talk about,” he said. “This whole 'no strange women in the condo''re kidding, right?”

I swallowed my sip of wine and shook my head firmly. “I'm still one hundred percent serious.”

“Well, then I'm just as serious about my offer from before.” He looked at me, unblinking. “I'm a red-blooded man, Avery. I already told you I've spent nine months in the Middle East, and the only action I saw was with my own hand. So I'm going to get laid and that's all there is to it. If you're living with me until you graduate, and you don't want other women coming around, then … ” His lips quirked and he shrugged. “There's an easy solution. We've got two willing participants sitting right here.”

I scowled, ignoring the spark of warmth that flickered in my belly. This bullshit again? I was starting to think he'd learned his lesson, but that had clearly been too much to hope for.

“Two willing participants? You might want to count again. Use your fingers if it helps.”

An evil smirk pulled at his mouth as he shook his head slowly. “Come on. Don't think I didn't see you staring at my dick earlier.”

Ava enjoys naughty things. She's drawn to the forbidden and taboo, and writes kink that makes you think. Raised in Idaho, Ava now lives on the East Coast with her husband, and two dogs.

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