Monday 15 June 2015

Review - Saving Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus

Title: Saving Ever After
Series: Ever After #4
Author: Stephanie Hoffman McManus
Release Date: May 22, 2015

Reckless. Wild. Out of control. Mia's life is spiraling headlong into trouble and she can't seem to stop it. She's desperate to feel loved, desperate to feel anything besides alone. One bad decision after another leaves her on the verge of losing everything. The only person who can save Mia from herself is the last person in the world who wants to. So why does he keep showing up to her rescue? 

Chris is living the dream. The band is selling out concerts and their records are turning platinum. He's in a good relationship and the last thing he needs to worry about is some kid hell bent on destroying her life. She's selfish, impulsive, way too young and headed for trouble at break-neck speeds, but in the rare moments that he gets a glimpse of the girl under all that, he can't help but be drawn to her, and he can't seem to stop himself from playing her white knight. Will he be able to pull her out of the darkness, or will she drag him down with her?

Wow! This series is just so good! I can’t get enough of the sexy rockstars of Ashes and Embers and their women.

Saving Ever After is the fourth book in this series and is the story of Chris, the drummer, and Mia, Sadie’s younger sister. This one was the most emotional for me so far! Mia is young and insecure. She has so much dragging her down and it is a long, hard journey to watch her work through her demons.

“Just once, I wanted to be enough for someone to stay.”

Chris can’t deny his attraction to Mia and is the only one truly able to see Mia for who she is. And while he wants to help her, he has his own issues to work through. 

“Why was she so broken? Why did I want to be the one to help her so badly?”

I love when Mia is able to be herself and let her inner-geek come out! She is such a strong, beautiful, amazing person who had to learn to be okay with who she is. I cried a lot through her struggles, but I was also able to relate to her in many ways. And Chris was such a good guy. He had me swooning many times when he saved Mia from disaster. 

“Do you see me?” I whispered. “I see you. Always have. Even when I tried not to.”

I LOVE how much we get to see the rest of the band and continue to watch their families grow. And Grandma Helen; I think she is my favorite character – that damn bedazzled stun gun had me laughing like crazy. I absolutely adored this story and I can’t wait to watch Spade fall in love!
~ Review by Tiffany

I am a storyteller, a lover of love stories, a dreamer. My love of books started the minute I learned to read. I consumed them like they were my sustenance and never stopped. 
Words have the power to open our eyes and hearts to new ideas and new worlds. Anything is possible between the between the pages of a book. I've had my heart broken and then mended again, I've laughed, cried and wanted to scream in frustration. A good author has the ability to make you feel their story and relate to their characters. That's all I want to do and am blessed to be able to make writing my full time career. 

I am from the lovely state of Washington, the rainy side. I am also a mother, a Nerf gun proficient, a Lego builder extraordinaire, a sideline cheerleader and a bedtime story reader. That is the greatest job in the world. Writing and being able to share my stories with the world is just the cherry on top.

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