Friday 19 June 2015

Review - Rough Ride Romeo by Lori King

Title: Rough Ride Romeo 
Series: Crawley Creek #2 
Author: Lori Wilde 
Release Date: June 2, 2015

Cowboys don’t cry, but Roman “Romeo” Freemont certainly has enough tragic history to spend his days teary-eyed. Instead he’s turned to women and liquor in an effort to soothe his aches and pains, but when a petite brunette with a feisty temper comes crashing into his world, he realizes what he’s been missing. 

Francesca “Franki” Scott has walked through fire herself. Nowadays she just isn’t a people person, and she’s definitely not interested in a wannabe playboy ranch owner either. She has a mission and it could mean life or death for someone close to her if she gets distracted. 

Closing the gap between these two wounded souls could mean surviving yet another tragedy. Will their determination to hide their pain from themselves be their downfall, or will they come through this rough ride together? 

Warning: Explicit Romance

There's nothing much more enjoyable than finding something surprising about a book. I went into Rough Ride Romeo expecting a sexy cowboy and a sassy city girl...and yet, I got more. 

Roman Freemont has been attempting to find solace in the bottom of a bottle and the beds of willing women. He wasn't expecting to find it in the fiery woman he literally runs into. 

Franki Scott is on a mission. With the well-being of a loved one in her hands, getting distracted and sidetracked by the sexy cowboy is definitely not in her plans. 

Can they find a way to bring to life an attraction that's intense and immediate, or will it all get too rough to survive? 

The first book in this series, Forget Me Knot, was an enjoyable, somewhat short read and I expected more of the same here. Except Rough Ride Romeo was deeper and a touch darker than I planned for. Franki's mission, coupled with Romeo's past, meant that my emotions were on high alert for much of this story. 

This book was sexy, no doubt. It was broken up by charming moments of levity; once again, the brothers of Crawley Creek (and Lacy) were likeable, loveable and desirable. I'm most definitely interested in seeing more from them (and Bran) in future books. But the main story -- Franki's mission -- had my brow creasing and me hoping for only the best...and expecting the worst. 

Rough Ride Romeo was a good book; the writing is solid, the story is intriguing and the characters are engaging. The romance here felt a little rushed and the ending a touch abrupt, but all in all, it's the kind of book that will keep you turning pages long after you think you should go to bed...bathe the kids...fold the laundry. Whatever your responsibilities, don't you be surprised if you feel the need to ignore them in pursuit of Romeo and Franki's HEA. 
~ Review by Beth

Roman “Romeo” Freemont has been drowning his sorrows in alcohol and women. Filled with guilt, he spends his days barely getting through to his next drink or next easy lay. Until one day he literally crashes into Francesca “Franki” Scott, and maybe, just maybe Franki is what he needs to realize all that he’s been missing out on.

Franki Scott is on a mission. While she’s following the trail her sister left, Franki has no intention of staying around Crawley Creek longer than necessary. She doesn’t have time to make friends or lovers out of the people she meets; she can’t get distracted from her task. But something about the comfortable living and friendliness of the folks at the ranch, draw her out and she just can’t stop herself.

Franki and Roman are two wounded souls who together might just find the solace and comfort they need to get back on track with life and love, if only they’ll allow their hearts and their minds to drop the walls and see that people really do care for them.

I enjoyed this second book in the Crawley Creek series. Though Roman has his brothers, he’s still trying to move past the death of his “father” and Franki’s sister is her only family. Through his sweet connection with Franki, Roman is finally realizing he needs to be sober to be the man he wants to be. 

And Franki… Lord, that woman has been through hell and back, and she is amazing. Together, these two are magic. And let’s not forget Roman’s “brothers” who are there every step, supportive and prodding when needed. Now, when does book three come out?

~ Review by Missy

Best-selling author, Lori King, is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. Although she rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits; at heart she is a hopeless romantic. 

She spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. An admitted TV and book junkie, she can be found relaxing with a steamy story, or binging in an entire season of some show online. She gives her parents all the credit for her unique sense of humor and acceptance of all forms of love. There are no two loves alike, but you can love more than one with your whole heart. 

With the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance, she will continue to write as long as you continue to read. Thank you for taking the time to indulge in a good Happily Ever After with her.

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