Tuesday 14 April 2015

Review - Entice: The Affair Series by S. Layne

Title: Entice
Series: The Affair #1
Author: S Layne
Release Date: April 9, 2015 

When the most difficult decision of Laurie Baker’s life needed to be made, she took off for a weekend alone to weigh her pros and cons and consider all her options.
What she didn’t expect was to run face first into one more complication her life didn’t need.
Distracting, sexy, and British, Liam Parker offered Laurie exactly what she needed when she was desperate for attention.

One night of pleasure.

She wanted it.
She craved it.
She took it.

And when the sunlight dawned and the lusty haze of one night of passion disappeared and reality revealed itself…

Laurie returned home knowing that everything she had once believed, everything she had once loved and desired, was about to be tossed upside down and shaken in a way she could never imagine.

I feel like I have to smack a big, old warning label on this book because the subject matter is a hard limit for some readers, so here goes: The heroine in this book is married. 

There, now that's out of the way let the review continue. This book is all kinds of grab your vibrator (or spouse), cold shower material. I thought I was going to incinerate just reading. Yowzers!

Laurie is away on a business trip. She's also away to contemplate whether or not to end her marriage. So of course, what's a girl to do when a hot specimen of Alpha male goodness propositions her? Hmm...

Entice is a spicy, spectacular little book, if you can get past the cheating aspect. I try to be an open-minded reader with most of the books I pick up. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't. It did in this case. I really liked this book. Yes, there's a cliffy but calm down, the next book releases relatively quickly. 

There's a lot more to this book than just the affair. We get into the more nitty gritty stuff towards the end and then, well, we have to wait for book two. Great beginning to a new, sexy series. I'm definitely going to be reading the second book and am stocking up on batteries. *wink* 
~ Review by Erin

I love a book that can make me FEEL. Even it is an uncomfortable feeling. Within the first few chapters of this book I felt every emotion. Mostly anger. 

I knew this was a book of betrayal and cheating and I went through the emotions with Laurie. I was pissed at her for her actions; on one hand, it made me furious but on the other, it was so...human. It was intriguing to watch her life play out when one thing leads to another. When pain drives you to sin. When lust brings you to your knees.

"How did I become this woman I don't even recognize anymore?"

Once Liam and Laurie become more than a one night stand, this book becomes impossible to put down. The once sex-stagnant married woman becomes Liam's "wild one." And wild they are. Just when you think all is safe, some big twists screw it all up. Great start to an "enticing" series! 
4 "scandalous and scary" stars.

~ Review by Krissy


S Layne is the pen name for Stacey Lynn. She lives in the midwest with her husband and four young children. She can usually be found lost inside her own head, trying to bring her characters to life. When she's engaged in the real world, she's spending time with her family, drinking large amounts of coffee, and eating Skittles by the handful.

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