Monday 20 April 2015

Review - Lane One: Seduction by Justine Elvira

Title: Lane One: Seduction
Series: Lane One #2
Author: Justine Elvira 
Release Date: March 30, 2015 

Desire... Lust... Envy...
Theo has finally got Cassie where he wants her. She has agreed to go out with him if he can make it thirty days without sex. But how much does the elusive Theo actually know about Cassie?

Cassie has always been alone in this world, so Theo's persistence scares her, but as Theo and Cassie grow closer, their pasts are slowly uncovered. As Cassie's past is revealed, Theo decides to ignore his feelings for her so he can be the first person Cassie can truly trust and rely on.

But Cassie doesn't want to be Theo's friend... she wants more. When it becomes obvious Theo is no longer going to touch her, she comes up with a plan of her own.

Seduce and conquer.

It should be easy for Cassie to get what she wants, but is she powerful enough to seduce Theo into bed?

In this second installment of Lane One, we continue to watch Cassie and Theo get closer. They begin to learn each other as well as themselves. Secrets are revealed and revelations are made. 

“This is a brand new Cassie. She’s confident, feels sexy in her size ten curves, and is ready to finally lose her virginity.” 

I loved the improvements in Cassie’s self-confidence! The connection between the two of them is intense. 

“I’ve never had this kind of connection with anyone. It’s like we’re two magnets and the minute I met him our magnets connected, refusing to be pulled apart.” 

I enjoyed how open Theo was being and how he was trying to do things differently with Cassie. I especially loved his journal entries.  Of course, he was also still crass and vulgar Theo at times, which I also loved! 

“She’s doing the backstroke, which is my favorite stroke to watch her do because it pushes her breasts out of the water. They’re beautifully glistening and I can imagine my dick sliding between the curves as she pushes her breasts together. Great. And now I’m hard.”

The scenes between the two of them are hot! I really can’t wait to read more about Cassie and Theo, and find out how they will do at attempting a relationship, something new to both of them! 

~ Review by Tiffany

Justine Elvira is a best selling author at multiple retailers. She is also a mother and the Queen of Procrastination. Writing is her form of therapy and helps her escape reality for a little while.

When she's not writing you can usually find her with her kids, or escaping in a good book.

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