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Series Review - Hypothesis Series by Penny Reid

Title: Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION
Series: Hypothesis Series #1
Author: Penny Reid
Release Date: April 6, 2015 

One week.

Private beach.

Invisible girl.

Jerk-faced bully.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Kaitlyn Parker has no problem being the invisible girl, which is why she finds herself hiding in various cabinets and closets all over her college campus. Despite her best efforts, she can’t escape the notice of Martin Sandeke—bad boy, jerkface bully, and the universe’s hottest, wealthiest, and most unobtainable bachelor—who also happens to be Kaitlyn’s chemistry lab partner.

Kaitlyn might be the only girl who isn’t interested in exploiting his stunning rower’s build, chiseled features, and family's billionaire fortune. Kaitlyn wants Martin for his brain, specifically to tabulate findings of trace elements in surface water.
When Kaitlyn saves Martin from a nefarious plot, Martin uses the opportunity to push Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone: spring break, one week, house parties, bathing suits, and suntan lotion. Can she overcome her aversion to being noticed? Will he be able grow beyond his self-centered nature? Or, despite their obvious chemistry, will Martin be the one to drive Kaitlyn into the science cabinet of obscurity for good?

I was first introduced to Penny Reid's writing in The Hooker and the Hermit which she co-authored with LH Cosway. I knew after reading that book both of those authors would be ones I would seek out again and again. Elements of Chemistry is a brand new series written by Reid. The first installment is Attraction and it's billed as A Smart Romance. And it is! I mean not only is our heroine smart but the writing is smart. It's funny and quite frankly, brilliant!
Kaitlyn and Martin are chemistry lab partners, have been for almost two semesters. Martin is the guy at school every girl wants. He's rich and he's hot and he's unattainable. However, he wants his lab partner, badly. Kaitlyn has no clue she didn't even think she was on his radar. An overheard conversation, a sexy itch scratching session and a challenge issued changes things.

Knowing ahead of time this is going to be a three book series you can prepare yourself for the cliffhanger to come. This book is aptly titled because WOW do these characters have chemistry! I absolutely adored the first book of this series and am already dying to get my hands on the rest! Penny's storytelling ability draws you in, grabs you and makes you hold on tight for the ride. Kaitlyn is a strong, witty heroine and I freaking LOVE her! Martin is still a bit of a mystery but I'm sure that'll be solved piece by piece as the next books release. He is pretty sexy, I'll give him that.

Elements of Chemistry: Attraction was everything I was hoping it would be. And if you haven't had the pleasure of reading a book by Penny Reid GET ON THAT! You won't be disappointed.

~ Review by Erin

This book is about two college kids who couldn’t be more opposite, or fit together better, if they tried. And the fact that this is about college kids does not make it read like a “new adult” book. This seems to span into RomCom, contemporary, and HOT.

So, our main girl is Kaitlyn. She is a 19 year old virgin chemistry genius. She is meticulous with her thoughts and actions, and comes across as uncaring, or almost robotic to others. But the thoughts in her brain are anything but, and it makes for a funny read to hear her “real” thoughts.

Martin, our leading man is also a genius in his own right. Not only that, he is a real life god. Ok, that may just be my take, so you have to read it to find out that you do indeed agree with me.

“I was starting to understand why the blood of a thousand virgins had been sacrificed at his alter of sexual prowess.”

See, he is THAT awesome!

I devoured this book in less than a day, then almost went through withdrawals until I realized, hey, I have book two! I really enjoyed the writing style and how easy it was to get into the story. You really, really need to pick up this book!

~ Review by Devlynn

Title: Elements of Chemistry: HEAT
Series: Hypothesis Series #2
Author: Penny Reid
Release Date: April 24, 2015 

**Blurb contains spoilers if you haven’t read Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION**

Four days left.

Private beach (…and boat).

Not so invisible girl.
And maybe less of a jerk-faced bully than originally thought.
What’s the worst (or the best) that could happen?

Kaitlyn is finding life outside of the science cabinet of obscurity to be quite illuminating …and so are her pants.
When things heat up between Kaitlyn Parker and Martin—previously known as the jerk-faced bully—Sandeke, she places her trust in the one person she never thought capable of earning it, let alone keeping it safe. Fortunately or unfortunately for Kaitlyn, where she gives her trust she can’t help but also give her heart.

But how will the world beyond the sanctuary of their newfound connection react to their relationship? Soon senators, chinless billionaires, and elements beyond Martin and Kaitlyn’s control want to weigh in on the young couple’s future.

Navigating the chaotic inferno of new love might be more than Kaitlyn bargained for, and much, much more than her trust—or her heart—can handle.

Wow wow wow! I never thought I'd fantasize about a man named Martin. It just doesn't have the sexy factor to it like names like Brody or Xander or Kellan. But OMG, let me tell you this hero named Martin is soooooooo sexy! And he knows what he's doing in the bedroom too. *wink wink*

Part Two of Penny Reid's Elements of Chemistry series is subtitled, Heat. And, by God, does it live up to its name because there's tons of heat! We pick up right where Attraction left off. Kaitlyn and Martin are still navigating their feelings for each other. We finally get to some of the nitty gritty on Martin. He was still pretty mysterious in the first book. In Heat his intentions are definitely made clearer.

This series so far has been so fun! Book two has a cliffhanger alert, it's a series, of course it does. I absolutely love the way this story it written. It's sexy, funny and witty. I flipped that last page and immediately wanted more. Bring it on, Penny! I need to know what's happening next!!

~ Review by Erin

So, let’s say you are an awkward college virgin who just became a super hero and saved the life of you very sexy, god-like lab partner. Then let’s say he whisks you off to a deserted island! Ok, not really, but there is an island involved...

Kaitlyn and Martin are on spring break, on an island in the Caribbean. It’s not exactly deserted, they are there with his teammates and her best friend. Over the course of the week, you can tell Martin is breaking down Kaitlyn defenses one brick at a time, and oh man, am I glad I was there to see it, or read about it… whatever.

The waterfall scene? HOT!

I liked how even thought this book starts right where the last one left off, you can already see that they affect each other, and how they think/operate. This book ends on an “I have to have the next book right now or I will die” (so, small) cliffy. Lucky for you, you won’t have to wait long!

~ Review by Devlynn

Title: Elements of Chemistry: CAPTURE
Series: Hypothesis Series #3
Author: Penny Reid
Release Date: May 16, 2015 

I must admit, I'm sad to see this series end. I loved the saga of Kaitlyn and Martin in Penny Reid's newest series. It was fun, flirty, sexy and a great read.

Without giving too much away for anyone who hasn't had the chance to start this series, Capture takes place some months after the fallout in Heat. I needed this next book more than I needed air! Penny has created incredible characters in this series. This book was loaded with angst and sexual tension but still had Penny's signature wit and humor.

I definitely recommend this series to anyone and everyone. Capture was the perfect ending for Kaitlyn and Martin and I loved every second of their journey to their HEA.

Capture is the third installment in this series and cannot be read as a standalone.

~ Review by Erin

Um, wow. So, this book was not at all what I was expecting, but in a HOLY CRAP, I LOVED IT, kind of way.

Unlike book two, this one does not pick up right where we left off. You get glimpses of time over about nine months, and then the story continues. Those glimpses really help the story flow, and lets you know that things are not always appear on the surface.

There are interviews, internal dialogue, and random encounters that will have you flipping pages fast enough to get a paper cut on your Kindle (I know it is not possible, it’s an analogy people). I really like the other supporting characters in this book; they are all a part of the bigger picture and help Kaitlyn decide just what it is she wants.

There was a point when I wanted to crawl in the story, shake Kaitlyn and then hug her. She was doing so well avowing closets and the Bunsen burner in her pants. I was like a proud momma. But then things happen and well, we are back in the closet. But just because you are in the closet, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you are stuck to your roommate’s buttons! And if you want to know what the heck that meant, you have to read the book!

~ Review by Devlynn

Penny Reid is a part time author of romantic fiction. When she's not immersed in penning smart romances she works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She's also a full time mom to two diminutive adults (boy-8 and girl-5), wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

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